Google’s offices on Barrow Street in Dublin:  Irish multinational subsidiaries and technology start-ups live in parallel universes. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

There was a technology industry here before the current explosion of start-ups. Apple, DEC, Intel, Nortel and others set up subsidiaries that employed(...)

 Kevin Melia at an Iona AGM in 2007. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

I hadn’t “seen the movie before”. None of us had. I was a rookie chief executive, straight out of academia with our spin-out company Iona. My co-found(...)

Long gone logos (from top): Digital Equipment Corporation; Sun; Silicon Graphics; Netscape; Burroughs; RCA; and Control Data Corporation

They were some of the biggest, most powerful, most innovative and most influential companies of the digital age. Many were big Irish employers (...)

Fidelma Russo, senior vice president in the enterprise storage division at EMC

Big data could create major opportunities for Ireland, according to EMC senior vice-president Fidelma Russo. However, a lack of understanding of the s(...)

A changing landscape

QUINNSWORTH: The supermarket chain’s founder Pat Quinn became a recognisable face across Ireland when he appeared in countless television ads weari(...)

Apple Operations International, a subsidiary of Apple Inc, is seen in Hollyhill, Cork. Photograph: Michael MacSweeney/Reuters

Former Apple executives claim the almost tax-free status enjoyed in Ireland by the iPhone and iPad ma(...)