A Forevermark Encodia diamond bracelet produced by De Beers. The company plans to raise diamond prices 5 per cent every year. Photo: Bloomberg

De Beers plans to raise diamond prices 5 per cent every year, betting demand will help the world’s biggest miner of the precious stones meet parent An(...)

More than 100 members of the Element Six defined benefit pension scheme are suing its trustees for breach of duty. Photograph: Sean Curtin

Two trustees of Element Six’s pension scheme told the High Court yesterday that they firmly believed the multinational would have closed its Irish pla(...)

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Are you in love with the most wonderful creature on earth? Do you pine when she is absent? Do you text 100 times a day just to connect with her wonder(...)

Wayne Leahy: “I was determined to travel after completing my doctorate”

Element Six is one of the world’s leading producers of industrial diamonds used in the drilling, mining, optics, electronics and precision machining i(...)

The Irish corporation tax regime has received much recent publicity – most of it not benign. This raises the question of what the purpose of the corpo(...)