Less Coca-Cola was sold this quarter than a year earlier, the first such decline since 1999 – and that trend appears inexorable. Photograph: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

Minerals, pop, soda, soft drinks, fizzy drinks. The popularity of carbonated drinks is reflected in the variety of names we have for them. But (...)

When it comes to advertising, Facebook has focused on big businesses such as Unilever and Coca-Cola. Only now is the social network going after the remaining 95 per cent of firms. Photograph: Thomas Hodel/Reuters

More than 2,000 people start a new business in Ireland each month. Most of these do so on a shoestring, with very little money to pay for adver(...)

Worries over escalating tension in Ukraine and weak results held back stocks in Europe. Photograph: Sergei Ilnitsky/EPA

Global equity markets declined and government debt rose amid rising tension in Ukraine as Russia declared the country on the brink of civil wa(...)

Revenue fell 4 per cent to $10.58 billion during the quarter under review.

Coca-Cola reported better-than-expected quarterly revenue as strong sales in China more than offset a drop in Europe and flat volumes in North(...)

Mark Thomas: ‘After you die do you really want people to say: he paid his mortgage on time and, by golly, he advertised bread?’

One morning recently at 5am, Mark Thomas and his friend Tracy were pasting posters over the top of estate agents’ signs. “The posters just said(...)

Ethics can be hard to hang on to when you’re shopping, and once you start looking closely at your purchases you will find few brands that are (...)

Coca-Cola, the world’s largest beverage company, said today that fourth-quarter profit fell 8.4 per cent and announced a new cost-cutting prog(...)

Language barrier: from the Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad

I don’t say this too loudly or too often, but I am oddly fascinated by the Super Bowl. Not fascinated enough to watch the thing, admittedly: I think I(...)

Vodafone climbed 3.7 per cent yesterday after reporting a smaller drop in service revenue than analysts had predicted. Photograph: PA/PA Wire

The pain of the markets in January moved a little further into the distance yesterday, with stocks generally stronger as investors prepared for the fu(...)

Marketing for Growth

With the economy set for recovery, thoughts are turning again to ramping up marketing efforts in an attempt to catch the benefits of the upcycle. Ellw(...)

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