“Is shorting the euro the new one-way bet?” CNBC’s hyperbolic headline follows the euro’s rapid descent, from $1.39 in May to below $1.27 last week, i(...)

Alibaba shares are expected to rally in their first day of trading on Friday as many investors that received fewer shares than they had hoped lined (...)

President Barack Obama: “I don’t care if it’s legal – it’s wrong,” he told a California audience. “You don’t get to choose the tax rate you pay. These companies shouldn’t either.” Photograph: Joshua Roberts/Reuters

US president Barack Obama has castigated American companies for “gaming the system” by relocating their headquarters to countries such as Ireland w(...)

CRH closed down 1.3 per cent at €18.78 after US peer Wolseley reported a slowdown in residential spending. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

European stocks fell for a fifth day as a gauge of lenders declined to its lowest level this year and equities in peripheral nations tumbled. Investo(...)

Commodity players can appear pampered – even lazy – and they certainly know how to spend their money. However, when it comes to trading raw materials(...)

Rally Fighter: Local Motors first car, it  was built and funded by a co-creation community of enthusiasts, hobbyists, innovators and professionals.

John “Jay” Rogers jnr leans against a wall in a corridor in the bowels of the Lincoln centre in New York. He has just delivered a speech to a room ful(...)

We can’t get the Tonight Show in Ireland (unless you have CNBC and are prepared to stay up late). Boo! But the show’s official YouTube channel has lot(...)

Finola McDonnell: McDonnell is joining the US cable channel CNBC as its new vice president of international marketing and communications

Finola McDonnell, Ibec’s former head of public affairs, has had a rather eclectic collection of jobs since she quit the business lobbying group(...)

Average investors are being victimised by the fact that it’s legal for some people - high frequency traders -  to get advance news on prices and what investors are doing, Michael Lewis claims in his new book “Flash Boys”. Photograph: Jonathan Fickies/Bloomberg

The US stock market is a rigged game where high-frequency traders with advanced computers make tens of billions of dollars by jumping in front (...)

Walt Mossberg, one of the former editors of News Corp’s AllThingsD interviewing former US Vice President Al Gore at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSW) last year. Photo: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, the former editors of News Corp’s AllThingsD, have unveiled a site called Re/code , taking on their old employer in te(...)