John Rusnak, the rogue trader who cost AIB $691 million, has expressed relief that the bank and Citibank settled a 12-year-old US legal action over h(...)

The case arose from John Rusnak’s having hidden trading losses at AIB’s Allfirst Bank  for at least five years before they were revealed in February 2002.

Citigroup has settled long-running litigation in which AIB accused it of helping rogue currency trader John Rusnak rack up a $691 million loss. US di(...)

US Republican presidential candidate and senator Ted Cruz: Failed to disclose a $500,000 loan from Goldman Sachs. Photograph: Reuters/Brian Snyder

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz failed to disclose to the Federal Election Commission a loan from Goldman Sachs for as much as $500,000 tha(...)

Rogue trader John Rusnak: pleaded guilty to defrauding AIB subsidiary Allfirst in 2002 and was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison. He has since run a dry-cleaning and laundry business in the Baltimore area

John Rusnak, the rogue trader who cost AIB $691 million, has said he will not testify at a US trial in which the bank is suing Citibank for (...)

Irishman Morgan Downey:  browser-based market data platform known as Money.Net

There aren’t many people who would be brave enough to take on billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg, but Irish man Morgan Downey is one of them. (...)

In 2006 the Bank of England used an analogy which is still true today: Britain is “like a bank or venture capitalist that earns net income by borrowing to invest in projects that earn a higher return than the cost of funding”. (Photograph: Stefan Wermuth/Reuters)
Do not discount a run on sterling

Is sterling riding for a fall? The UK’s current account deficit is certainly worryingly large. From less than 2 per cent of GDP in 2011, it ballooned(...)

Co-founder of TouchTech Payments Shekinah Adewumi: he says his product helps improve the online shopping experience for consumers

Shekinah Adewumi (20) and Joseph Kuye (19) are the co-founders of fintech start-up TouchTech Payments. Their product is a new online authentication so(...)

Derek Quinlan, for chairman of Quinlan Private outside Claridges in London in 2006. Photographer Alan Weller/Bloomberg

Derek Quinlan, one of Ireland’s most prolific property financiers in the boom years, was appearing before the banking inquiry on Thursday. Mr Quinlan,(...)

 Cyril Roux , deputy governor (Financial Regulation) of the Central Bank of Ireland who said lessons have been learned in the euro zone about how to deal with struggling banks. Photograph: The Irish Times

Lessons have been learned in the euro zone about how to deal with banks that are failing or likely to fail, the deputy governor of the Central Bank of(...)

More than 550,000 equities in building materials giant CRH changed hands in Dublin

Retailers and miners helped European stocks post their best three-day advance since January. Analysts believe both sides will find a way to hold off (...)