Leona, the 15-year-old turtle that was found in a comatose state on the Co Clare coast, is flying economy on Aer Lingus this evening in a purpose built box in the cabin.

The storm-tossed 15-year-old loggerhead turtle which was nursed back to health in a Galway aquarium has landed in Gran Canaria this evening for its r(...)

According to the company’s website, Celestial Green specialises in the development of natural capital conservation projects involving the creation of credits associated with reduced deforestation in the Amazon basin. Photograph: Getty Images

The auditors to a Dublin carbon credits company, Celestial Green Ventures plc, have said expenditure by the company for which there was no invoices or(...)

Celestial Green Ventures  is involved in the development of carbon credits from projects in the Amazon basin. Photograph: Getty Images

Celestial Green Ventures plc, a Dublin-based company that was listed for a time on an exchange in Germany, made a pretax loss of €864,617 in the 13 mo(...)