Win Butler, lead singer with Arcade Fire, has agreed to back a new charity coffee from Haiti having been persuaded by Kerryman Conor Murphy to back the venture

Good morning, The Anglo Irish Bank saga nears an end as Tom Lyons reports that the special liquidators have less than 500 million euro of loans(...)

Brian Mayer: “Thanks to the honest feedback we have received from the restaurant industry and the tech community, we have decided to change our model to share revenue with the restaurants.”

ReservationHop, a San Francisco start-up, which has faced increasing criticism over its concept of bidding for restaurant reservations has been defend(...)

Use of data in public interest is an antidote to unease about web giants’ accumulation of user data

Across America there has been a coming-together of citizens, tech geeks and public officials in an effort to mine public data for new online tools and(...)

Releasing data sets and collaborating with the public and businesses is one way the public sector can solve problems and improve services

Getting data sets from inside government, semi-State and local bodies out into the public has been a significant part of IBM’s Smarter Cities i(...)