Commodity players can appear pampered – even lazy – and they certainly know how to spend their money. However, when it comes to trading raw materials(...)

When is a toaster not a toaster? When it’s a Bugatti Noun. Described by the company as “a heating machine”, it will not only brown your bread to perfe(...)

Volkswagen Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn poses in a VW T-ROC concept car during the company’s Group Night event

The motor industry is facing the most radical overhaul in over a century, according to the head of VW Group. That’s why the firm’s premium bran(...)

Bugatti Veyron: even with the €1 million-plus price tag, VW loses at least €2 million on each one sold

Bugatti has been either a roaring success or a crashing failure for Volkswagen. From a technical point of view it has been good. In spit(...)

Bugatti Veyron. Total loss: €1.70bn. Loss per car: €4,617,547

You probably don’t want to admit how much money you’ve lost on cars over the years. Neither does the car industry, but the amounts its biggest mistake(...)

What does the world’s most fuel-efficient production car have in common with the world’s fastest and most powerful? Much more than you might think. Th(...)

At the last Frankfurt motor show in 2011, the big story was not the cars, but the euro zone crisis and specifically how the continent’s car companies (...)

Veyron Jean Bugatti - only three will be made

Volkswagen may well be losing several million Euro on each Bugatti Veyron that it sells, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping the famed Franco-German (...)

A  Rolls Royce Phantom, similar to one of nine luxury cars being sold at the Drouot  auction house in Paris today. Photograph: Arnd Wiegmann/Reuters

From Bugatti and Bentley to Ferrari, Porsche and Maserati, nine luxury cars seized from the son of Equatorial Guinea’s president as part of a money-l(...)

Dolores McNamara, from Limerick, who won  over €115 million in 2005. Photograph: Frank Miller

The Irish person clutching a €94 million winning EuroMillions ticket to their chest becomes, if they are not part of a syndicate, the 96th-richest p(...)