Brian McCann and company: visitors ‘get the opportunity to hold the birds and to fly them’

Brian McCann spent 22 years as a firefighter before turning his passion for birds of prey into a business five years ago. What is special about your (...)

Half way through the Best Shops campaign and we’ve been inundated with 10,985 nominations for more than 1,350 shops throughout the 32 counties. Hardwa(...)

History lies at the thick walls of Mount Hanover House and over the centuries it has overlooked the lush Co Meath countryside and touched the lives of(...)

Mount Granville, Drogheda, Co Meath
Town and Country

Address: Mount Granville, Drogheda, Co Meath Agent:Savills and RB Daly and Sons (...)

The court heard Andrew Duffy had paid a substantial sum of unconditional compensation to the injured player

A footballer who broke an opponent’s leg with a Kung Fu-style tackle during a junior soccer match in Co Meath(...)

There’s a calm after the storm feel to restaurants this month. Waves of cash and customers crashed over them during December and now weekdays bring oc(...)

 Irish poet and soldier Francis Ledwidge (1891-1917).  Photograph:  Hulton Archive/Getty Images
The Great War and Irish poets

As January 1914 dawned, Europe had experienced 100 years of comparative peace since the Battle of Waterloo. During that time, technological developmen(...)

The sun shines along the passage floor into the inner chamber at Newgrange during the 2013 winter solstice at Newgrange. Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

“Oh ye of little faith” has seldom seemed more apt than it did at the famous Newgrange, Brú na Bóinne, complex in Co Meath at the weekend. In the anna(...)

Jack Rogers, Newgrange Gold: put a huge effort into getting distribution well set up from the outset. Jack Rogers, Newgrange Gold: put a huge effort into getting distribution well set up from the outset
New innovator: Newgrange Gold

It’s not that long since rapeseed oil became the darling of healthy eaters as it boasts half the saturated fat of olive oil and high levels of Omega 3(...)

Perfect midlands day

If it was a Saturday in the midlands, I’d head first to the market in the old railway warehouse at Sheridan’s cheesemongers outside Kells to pick u(...)