Because it removes banks as intermediaries for payments, BitCoin threatens a major function and income source for the institutions. This is especially true in the area of remittances

BitCoin. Is the story all over for the much-discussed cryptocurrency, or has it just begun? In 2014, stories about BitCoin and various, lesser-known c(...)

Charles Allen, chief executive officer of BitcoinShop, an online marketplace, said he would like to see the IRS reconsider its decision as virtual currencies develop.

The US government will treat Bitcoin as property for tax purposes, applying rules it uses to govern stocks and barter transactions, the Interna(...)

At last year’s South by Southwest gathering, regarded as the place where the hip technology companies show up, Bitcoin was still such an under(...)

Bitcoin was created in 2009 by an unknown computer scientist and transfers of ownership of the currency are recorded in software stored across a network of computers. Photograph: Reuters/Stephen Lam

Speculators are trading Bitcoin above $1,000 for the first time, pushing the mania for the experimental virtual currency into a new phase.The price fo(...)

What do BBQ ribs, spare car parts and a bust of Benjamin Franklin have in common? They’re all products or services that can be bought online wi(...)