Brian O’Donnell puts the  keys of Gorse Hill which he vacated in front of t Richie Boucher chief executive of Bank of Ireland at the company’s agm last week. Photograph: Aidan Crawley/The Irish Times 1:30

Former solicitor Brian O’Donnell has claimed he was “bullied” by Bank of Ireland over the Gorse Hill property in Killiney and said the bank had “set f(...)

When you open a safety-deposit box, you will be invited to list a number of people who will be allowed to access the box. In the event of your death, if no person is named on your account, the box will form part of your estate

It’s the end of an era for banks as a vault for safekeeping key items belonging to customers, including legal documents such as property deeds. No lon(...)

The failure to present certain evidence in court did not amount to misconduct by solicitors Maverley vs Clarke IEHC 232 (High Court, Kearns P, April 2(...)

Someone with a €300,000 mortgage on an SVR  pays almost €650 a month more than someone with the same size tracker mortgage in the same bank

When the chief executives of three of the biggest financial institutions in the State were called before the Oireachtas finance committee this week to(...)

Former Bank of Ireland chief executive Brian Goggin: told the banking inquiry that on the night of the bank guarantee in 2008 he understood all six banks would be guaranteed. Photograph: Gareth Chaney/Collins

It speaks volumes about the chaos in Government Buildings on the night of the guarantee in 2008 that the chief executives of the two main banks left i(...)

Ciarán Lynch (left) and Pearse Doherty asking questions of Jean-Claude Trichet, former ECB president, in Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke

Former president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Jean-Claude Trichet, has rejected a claim the bank blackmailed Ireland into entering the Troika (...)

Former Bank of Ireland chief executive Brian Goggin at Leinster House following the Joint Committee of Inquiry into the Banking Crisis. Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins

Former chief executive of Bank of Ireland Brian Goggin has contradicted evidence given by Allied Irish Banks about the night of the bank guarantee.Mr(...)

Brian Goggin, former Bank of Ireland chief executive told the banking inquiry he was paid “exceptionally well” by the bank. Photo: Gareth Chaney Collins

SARAH BARDON The former chief executive of Bank of Ireland has refused to reveal the amount of his annual pension from the bank. Brian Goggin was ques(...)

Enda Kenny and Joan Burton who said it might have ‘slipped’ bankers’ minds that people’s substantial pay cuts funded the banks’ recovery. Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

More State banks have defended the standard variable rates (SVR) they impose on some mortgage customers. They said that while rates are kept under rev(...)

Taoiseach Enda Kenny said: “From any moral point of view, from any ethical point of view, when banks are now restructured and on their way to making profit again, it is just not acceptable that when they themselves can borrow at much cheaper rates, that they continue to have higher rates applied to mortgage holders.” Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill/The Irish Times

Taoiseach Enda Kenny says it is “wrong” and “not acceptable behaviour” for banks not to pass on interest rate cuts on their standard variable rate mor(...)