A bull figure in front of the Dax board at the Frankfurt stock exchange. As Europe’s biggest exporter, Germany has benefited from quantitative easing’s deliberate weakening of the euro

Germany’s Dax index broke through, and closed above, the 12,000 barrier for the first time yesterday as German equities emerged as the main beneficiar(...)

BASF says lower oil prices affecting profit. Photograph: EPA

BASF, the world’s largest chemical firm by sales, expects operating profit to stagnate this year due to lower oil prices and the cost of launching an (...)

Insulation can often help reduce noise levels from water tanks and pipework in the attic. The tank and pipework must also be adequately secured

Q A horrible noise can be heard around my home whenever the loft tank is refilling. The problem is particularly embarrassing whenever we have guest(...)

Metal-organic framework (MOF) material  are highly crystalline porous materials made up of 3D networks of zinc-oxygen clusters connected by organic molecules. Uses of MOFs include gas separation, gas purification, gas storage, or as catalysts.  Photograph: Science Photo Library

Metal Organic Frameworks. What do those three words together conjure up in your mind?If you’re not a science graduate, perhaps the 1980s cartoon Jayce(...)

Monsanto’s DeKalb brand seed corn sits at the Crop Production Services warehouse in Illinois. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

Aaron Kirchfeld, Andrew Noel in London and Patrick Winters in Zurich The desire to avoid US corporate taxes has now spread to agricultural giants – as(...)

US stocks changed little today, as equities recouped much of their earlier declines amid signs of progress in diplomatic attempts to ease tensions surrounding Ukraine. Photograph: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Mounting concerns over China’s economic growth rate and continuing uncertainty in Ukraine impacted on European shares today, sending benchmark inde(...)

Smoke billows from chimneys at a chemical factory in China’s Hefei, Anhui province. Photograph: Reuters

Seven years after it set some of the world’s most stringent environmental targets, the European Union is about to revise its long-term goals to take m(...)

Amarin has developed a drug called Vascepa which it says is a more effective cholesterol treatment than rival Lovaza

Shares in Irish drug firm Amarin have been hit by a US court ruling favouring generic pharmaceutical groups in the area where it operates.Teva Pharmac(...)

 Shrinking European markets and slower growth in China have weighed on BASF’s second-quarter profit and prompted the  company  to call its 2013 profit target into question

BASF, the world’s biggest chemical company, posted profit that missed analyst estimates and said meeting annual targets looked more difficult than at (...)

Aer Lingus shares were stronger by four cent

Stock markets were mostly in negative form yesterday, with concerns over China’s growth outlook continuing to weigh on investors’ minds and the Europe(...)