Silence in the slaughterhouse: protests at 14 of Ireland’s largest meat processing plants were intended to put the squeeze on the biggest family-run firms in the sector

Like Neville Chamberlain waving a copy of the Munich Agreement with Germany in 1938, Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney appears to believe he has (...)

The EPA has warned about the levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air in Irish cities which is mainly produced by engines and power plants. Photograph: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Ireland falls below strict World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on air pollution for four potentially harmful emissions.As a report revealed 12 (...)

The Labour Court has recommended that 104 workers, set to lose their jobs at a Co Tipperary food processing plant, be paid aggregate lump sum totallin(...)

One of Arrow Group Ltd’s subsidiaries, QK Meats, apologised last  May for its handling of the horsemeat scandal, which saw profits decline.

The horsemeat scandal hit profits last year at one of the State’s largest food processors, the Co Waterford-based Arrow Group. Pretax profits at Arrow(...)

Minister for Agriculture, Marine and Food, Simon Coveney  presented his report to the Dáil on the ongoing horsemeat scandal. Photograph: Eric Luke /The Irish Times

CANTILLON: The former Fianna Fáil minister, Ray Burke, and the former Fine Gael leader, John Bruton, have in their time defended the non-disclo(...)