In-flight: the standard advice is to go for full-bodied wines with low acid and plenty of ripe fruit. Champagne and other sparkling wines taste better, as the bubbles stimulate our senses (although they also increase the speed at which we ingest alcohol). Photograph: Thinkstock
High-flying wines

(...) great experience if they don’t drink Bordeaux.” Champagne is also very popular. “We work closely with(...)

Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams said the Labour Party leader helped negotiate the programme for Government.  File Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

(...) in search of work,” he said. “As a senior Cabinet member, Joan Burton has overseen the(...)

Painting of Brendan Behan and Lucian Freud is part of Mark McFadden’s debut exhibition in Dublin, ‘Literary Greats’, at the Residence club on St Stephen’s Green

Greats, at the Residence club on St Stephen’s Green. The work is a series of portraits based on(...)

Anatomy of an advert: Mobile phone company Three had their Christmas advert filmed in the Artic circle

(...) multiple creative teams go off and work on it. “Quite often, for a single ad, you’re looking at a(...)

(...) ended up appearing on the ITV show This Morning as a result. Now she has drawn on the work of(...)

Domini Kemp’s chicken, cashew and broccoli rice. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill / The Irish Times

There’s a perception out there that healthy eating is, well, a bit too much like hard work(...)

Mexico captured its most wanted drug lord on Friday, former primary school teacher Servando “La Tuta” Gomez, and delivered a boost to a government battered by gang violence. The 49-year-old gang boss was the prime target of President Enrique Pena Nieto’s effort to regain control of Michoacan, a western state wracked by clashes between Gomez’s Knights Templar cartel and armed vigilantes trying to oust them. Photograph:Henry Romero/Reuters

(...) minister. After months of intelligence work, federal police said they captured Gomez and some people with(...)

Kevin McAllister outside his family’s shop on West Street, Drogheda. Photograph: Jenny Matthews

(...) alarm still works, next he’s explaining to a business man how slow cookers work while gently coaxing an(...)

 “I’m just delighted I survived. I still can’t believe it. I keep  reminding myself I’m only a whippersnapper. If I glimpse myself in a mirror, it’s like, who’s that?” Paula Meehan,  at her  home in Dublin. Photograph: Dave Meehan
Paula Meehan: the poet at 60

(...) with mythic dignity. “The work of poetry makes a better fist at arriving at what is human in the(...)

Annie Atkins: “I was born in Wales, though my Mum’s Irish. Dad was a graphic designer and from the time I was little, I wanted to be one too.”

(...) designer for film and TV whose work includes the Oscar-winning Grand Budapest Hotel. “I was born in Wales(...)