Archbishop Josef Wesolowski was  charged with child abuse and possession of child pornography. In June 2014, he was found guilty by a church disciplinary panel and deemed no longer fit to serve as a priest. Photograph: Danny Polanco/EPA

(...) procured and stored material from web sites showing minors involved in explicit sexual acts, real and(...)

Ashley Madison founder Noel Biderman poses with an advertisement for the website. File photograph: Bobby Yip/Reuters 2:02

(...) details of users on the dark web. Exposed Politicians, government and UN officials and even Vatican(...)

Eoghan McCabe: he is already on his third company Intercom, having seen his second, Exceptional, sold for an undisclosed sum

(...) web and mobile apps, and by email. It’s like a Facebook for companies and their customers, but(...)

Google, which is changing its structure by establishing a new company called Alphabet, could face a fine as a result of the investigation. Photograph: Reuters

(...) legality of Google copying rivals’ web content. In April, the regulator started a new investigation into(...)

Streaming music is wonderful. Being stalked by the provider of said music service is not. While the usual attitude to T&Cs is TL;DR (too long; did(...)

Yahoo! Weather: background images are pulled from geotagged Flickr photos

Irish summers usually dictate that we should have an umbrella, rain jacket, flip-flops and a bottle of sun cream on hand at all times. Surely there(...)

Project sunroof: based on your address, it can estimate the hours of available sunlight per year and the square footage available for solar panels

Googler Carl Elkin has been working on a particularly interesting 20 per cent project that leverages the power of Google Maps and Google Earth. Projec(...)

The study found 46% of Irish teenagers prefer not to reveal their identity online. Photographer: Bloomberg

(...) the web anonymously, 65 per cent of Irish parents worry their child may give away personal information(...)

David Maxfield: “A troll will eat any little lamb that is crossing the bridge. A cyberstalker will decide that you, specifically, are the lamb they want and this is far more dangerous.” Photograph: Getty Images

(...) feelings of others can be abandoned in cyberspace,” says Aiken. The web is a “lean medium” where feedback(...)

(...) volcanoes plopping to the pleasure of beaming tourists, but on the wooded fringes a web of narrow paths(...)