Copyright issues affecting content uploaded online are a “web of complexity”, a conference hosted by the Irish Centre for European Law heard

Online copyright issues are mired in a “web of complexity” with even experts sometimes unable to(...)

The EU report says online selling may have the capacity to reduce the harm caused by drugs as the quality may be better and they are less prone to contamination

(...) primary negotiations will take place over the deep web.” The Department of Health said a focus group on(...)

(...) thought of building a new web of friendships in an unknown and distant land is daunting, but the silver(...)

(...) the group’s owners are considering closing the print titles and moving to a web-only operation, though(...)

Church Services

(...). Luas Green line 2 mins. walk away. Web Page: Arklow Sunday 14th 10.00am. Rev(...)

Luciano Floridi: “But we need an ethical understanding, so that can inform the political and legal side, which can then regulate digital technologies in Europe.”

(...)’s decision to include its Internet Explorer web browser as the default browser in its Windows operating(...)

Infomagical is a new challenge from the Note To Self podcast series by New York public radio station WNYC

Twitter feeds, viral memes, must-read long reads, Facebook threads, hypnotic GIFs. I’m getting stressed just listing these. Modern life has us reeling(...)

HighBrow: each email has a mere five minutes worth of reading and, depending on the course, you are not going to get more than a few weeks of these.

There is a MOOC (free online e-course) for everything. But who has the time to log in every day, watch the lectures and complete the assignments? If y(...)

The Skynet virus: it  lets you know that it’s not all bad; rather than destroy your computer it will merely slow it down

This is not a ruse to get malware on your laptop, dear reader. The Malware Museum is a collection of vintage viruses that made their way around comput(...)

Companies have relied on the fact that you don’t read Eulas to insert a clause covering them should there be  a  zombie apocalypse. Really. Photograph: Getty Images

(...) time on their hands discovered that the new Amazon Web Services agreement – which is massive – has this(...)