(...) files. It monitors emails, web and network traffic, even mobile telephony base station controllers(...)

MP3s have a huge impact on how people acquire and save music. Thanks to data compression, it is possible to download and store a large volume of music on a PC or iPod. Photograph: Adam Berry/Getty Images for Apple

(...). So, whether you are texting your friends, watching videos on the web or enjoying music on the move(...)

Loreto Secondary School Dalkey recording the Band Aid 30 song through the WholeWorldBand app. Money raised will go towards Ebola relief in west Africa. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

(...) release Android and web versions of the app by early 2015.

Serial’s map of the people involved in the Adnan Syed case, which has been brought to life by Sarah Koenig and the ‘This American Life’ team.

It started out quietly: just another podcast from the makers of This American Life. Now with over five million downloads in the space of a few months (...)

Remember back in 2008 when we all flocked to Facebook leaving nothing but dust balls and decaying status updates on Bebo? And then, somehow, AOL was c(...)

My Geek Box is a UK-based subscription service that delivers a monthly gift box full of wonderfully geeky collectibles and toys. You don’t get to pick(...)

For about the outlay for a decent laptop, you can get a piece of kit that will automatically find planets, constellations, galaxies and other interstellar ports of call

(...) desired. You can use the web, or even direct computer operations. The latest release also transcribes(...)

   British medics find themselves on occasion having to make quick decisions about patients across a gulf of mutual miscomprehension, and where no human interpreters are available. When that happens, Google Translate may be resorted to, with mixed results. Illustration: Getty Images

Twitter account that scours the web for inadvertent examples of iambic pentameter, then matches them with(...)

A web designer who knocked a man unconscious during a row in Dublin nightclub, has been been ordered to pay €2,500 compensation

A web designer who knocked a man unconscious during a row in Dublin nightclub, has been been(...)