Slipped. Category: Open. Photographer: Alan Buckley, Cork. ‘I took this photograph as part of a series for my final college project. It is the moment that dogs are released at a drag-hunt, a traditional sport found in Co Cork.’

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 “Darkness into Light – The Pieta House Garden”, a medium-sized show garden which was designed by Niall Maxwell and which features a mural by Joe Caslin. Photograph: Richard Johnston 2:44

(...)” (Camolin Potting Shed); and the ghostly Japanese aralia, Fatsia “Spider’s Web”, whose architectural leaves(...)

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Belgian authorities have taken Skype to court because it refused to allow two suspects’ Skype calls to be tapped. Photograph: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

(...) surveillance. When it come to regulation and law-enforcement access, Skype, like web- based email services(...)

Alternote is an alternative Evernote client for the Mac OsX. You can sign in using your existing Evernote account to retrieve and edit all previous no(...)

Unicode Consortium is an independent web standardisation group that approves and releases them. Earlier(...)

Meet is a clever creation from Sunrise, the multiplatform calendar app that pulls in most social, email and event accounts to keep your appointments i(...)

Pope Francis: said he had met Lionel Messi twice in the Vatican but had never seen him play, as 25 years ago he had made a promise to the Virgin of Carmine that he would no longer watch television. Photograph: Franco Origlia/Getty Images

He rises at 4am, never surfs the internet, has not watched television since 1990, reads one only newspaper – Italian daily la Repubblica – and the one(...)

The model Lily Cole who spoke at last year’s Web Summit in the RDS.  Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to IFA in Berlin. In Ireland, we have the Web Summit (above), which is(...)

JP Morgan, Barclays, RBS, Citigroup and UBS have been fined a total of $5.7 billion by US prosecutors and UK regulators for forex rigging. Without fundamental changes to both the internal culture of big banks and a tougher regulatory approach to targeting individual directors, there is precious little chance of preventing such scandals from reoccurring. Pgotograph: EPA

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