Optical fibre: researchers at San Diego received data after it voyaged 12,000km through cables with standard amplifiers and no electronic regenerators.

(...) what drives innovation. But the web is an untethered force striving to connect more people on an(...)

Stephen Collins: “Our product is a regular school table embedded with a layer of touch-sensing technology.”
New Innovator: Tip tap tap

(...) showcased at the Web Summit in November 2014 and there is a worldwide patent pending on the technology. The(...)

(...), graphic designers have migrated to the web. Few sectors of our economy have not seen business as usual(...)

GetHealth co-founder Liam Ryan thinks success and failure need to be redefined. Photo: Dave Meehan

(...) clients The company employed seven people, built a mobile app and web platform, had 30 clients from around(...)

“YouTube is a major user of web bandwidth, along with streaming service NetFlix. Between the two, they hog half of the world’s total bandwidth. Surely they should pay more for it?” Photograph: Andrew H Walker/Getty Images

(...) all, Google-owned YouTube is a major user of web bandwidth, along with streaming service Netflix(...)

Eye on you: 1990s European regulations on data protection predate much of the far more sophisticated technology in common use today.

(...) web email accounts or simply allow their gadgets to “talk” to each other and share data. Until not so(...)

David Coallier:  “All over Ireland now we are producing great indigenous tech companies that are taking on world markets.”

Cork-based web security start-up Barricade is to create 35 jobs, with the positions expected to be(...)

So, what’s Her Story?

‘Her Story’ is a FMV (full motion video) game that draws you in hook, line and sinker. I know what you’re thinking: those crappy FMV games with repeti(...)

Here in Europe, Spotify rules the roost when it comes to streaming music. However, having launched on Monday, Apple Music looks set to change all of t(...)

Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure book series? Imagine this but on an Apple Watch. Instead of reading through until you come to a point in the bo(...)