Penalty only $400m if either group walks away after adverse law change (...)

Ashford Castle in winter

December 29th for three days of leisurely breakfasts, country walks and cosy log fires. Enjoy candlelit(...)

Lorna Ross is director of design at the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

(...) levels of chaos and uncertainty. No one walks into the clinic or the hospitals in the morning knowing(...)

Clare Langan’s Skellig Triptych

(...) ceramic artist, his Time and Place marshals a wealth of finds from shoreline walks – pebbles, bones(...)

The stage at the Tallaght Person of the Year awards. Philip Preston was named Tallaght Person of the Year on Friday. Photograph: Tallaght Community Council

(...) celebrate unsung heroes, volunteers and active members of the community across various walks of life in(...)

Sunday Morning: Bring your provisions for a picnic at the newly spiffed-up Dolores Park, where an $8 million renovation made over the northern half of the park with new tennis courts; six acres of fresh, grassy splendor; and expanded restrooms. What hasn’t changed: the diverse crush of humanity, and the vistas of the San Francisco skyline. Photograph: The New York Times
Weekend in ... San Francisco
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  • November 21, 2015, 05:00

(...) lead weekly mural walks ($20, with discounts for students and seniors) through alleys and streets dense(...)

Bad Hofgastein is a very pretty town surrounded by high mountains.

(...) have picked this hotel for its thermal spa, nice walks and apparently good restaurants. The problem is(...)

Church of Ireland notes

(...) and this year’s theme is ‘God has taken the lowly and raised them on high’. People from all walks of(...)

 Max Adams, whose travels take in Inishowen, above,  is commendably sensitive to the specificities of Irish fieldwork: “In England, where the historical evidence is generally a little simpler, there is much less relevant or useful oral tradition to assist or perplex the landscape archaeologist; in Ireland there is a whole universe of richly nuanced narrative which has to be interpreted as a textual source in its own right and woven into the broad tapestry we are trying to create, even if much material evidence has been lost or deliberately destroyed in acts of cultural barbarity”. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

(...) as the Dark Ages. In the Land of Giants, as it ranges widely in a series of long walks across the(...)

(...) local heroes from our back gardens and country walks, like our foxy friend below. Pricing starts at € 60(...)