Photograph taken in Dublin by Eamonn Doyle for his photo book ON

(...) for his life. He studied commercial photography in Dún Laoghaire College of Art and Design, and after(...)

Daisy O’Connor (now 6), Holly O’Farrell (5) and their classmates  in their junior infants class in Griffeen Valley Educate Together National School in Lucan, Co Dublin. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

(...)’s teacher has identified her particular interest in art. “We have always seen that with Daisy,” Keith says(...)

Detail from Narciso by Sandro Chia

Fine Art, Dublin ***** The trio of talents gathered at Hillsboro Fine Art for Meraviglia is indeed(...)

Not jealous of Seán Scully

(...) but there is no greater warzone in the visual arts than the international art market which is(...)

Annie Clark  of St Vincent: “I find that sometimes my ears are my biggest asset – and my ears are the things that will always keep my body reaching and they will always reach for things that I’m not quite able to play”

(...) think through all of the visual aspects of it. I think a lot of times people hear with their eyes(...)

Rubens portrait of the Bearded Man.

Christie’s has formally withdrawn seven pictures owned by the Alfred Beit Foundation from next month’s ‘Old Masters’ auctions in London. The action ho(...)

‘Head of a Dominican Monk’ by Rubens from the Russborough House collection

(...) of art and donate them back to one of our national institutions.” Under the scheme to encourage the(...)

Detail of Stéphane Béna Hanly’s Length of a Legacy (2015)

(...) ground, and you might begin to worry about the people who lived in the house. But it’s art, so you sort(...)

Language of the city: James Concagh with some of the pichação that inspired him. Photograph: Tom Hennigan

(...) would turn to street art for inspiration. CPTM, or São Paulo Metropolitan Train Company, has long(...)

S and local crew Same D4ence, plus dance events, street art projects and workshops.   MUSIC(...)