Kate Hudson and Riz Ahmed in The Reluctant Fundamentalist: Mira Nair’s adaptation gives the story blood and muscle

(...) arts and creative industries – theatre, visual art, literature, music – are also male dominated, the(...)

 ‘My second suggestion is that walking the pier in Dún Laoghaire becomes one of the top 10 tourist attractions for all visitors to Dublin.’  Photograph: Cyril Byrne / THE IRISH TIMES

The Visual Time Traveller: 500 years of history, art and science in 100 unique designs.

Andrew Moore and Peter and David Brewis: for Drifters the trio fell into the same improvisational methods they practised when they first began playing together more than 15 years ago

(...) chamber-pop, art-rock and off-kilter rhythms into their sound as a matter of course. That diversity meant(...)

Pictures from the Surface by Tadhg McSweeney

(...) *****   One of the most exciting moments in the history of modern art was the hectic, competitive(...)

'Face of War': creating Vladimir Putin in bullets 1:43

A Ukrainian artist creates a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin from remains of bullet cartridge cases, entitled 'Face of War'. Video: Reute(...)

An Old Master painting, by David Teniers the Younger (1610-1690), from Russborough House, was withdrawn from the auction.

Ireland of “cultural goods” – including works of art, historical documents and archaeological items – is(...)

The Derry of 1689, a city of “fighting rats, quarrelling cats and enraged dogs”, provides the setting for Nicola Pierces’s excellent historical novel Behind the Walls

(...) magnificently combines visual composition and verbal playfulness. It is simply purr-fect. Borando’s The White(...)

(...)-Joycean, highly visual novel has reached its 60th birthday without ever having relinquished the affections of its(...)

Capturing Impermanence: Ireland's wild beaches brought to life 2:29

(...) the beginning of a multi-country art project around the world. Video: Jonathan Clark(...)

(...) some of the most creative melodic art-rock you’ll ever hear and although their soundtrack to John(...)