Emma Lawlor: ‘For me it was a good thing that it all fell apart.’ Photograph: Ciara Wilkinson

(...) don’t actually care’ William Ralph moved home from the UK in 2006 to join a GP practice in Gorey, Co(...)

David Cameron: The erosion of the principle of free movement and equal treatment of EU citizens is the price we are being asked to pay to keep the UK in the EU. Photograph: Mathias Loevgreen Bojesen/Scanpix

The proposed agreement between the UK and the EU to avert Brexit is smoke and mirrors, largely spin(...)

Our micro-guide to Edinburgh will show yo uwhere to stay, what to do, and what to eat

(...), whose intention is to “change people’s perception of what waste is”. The UK throws away 18 million(...)

Ireland and the Brexit debate

UK. In fact, even if he is also a citizen of the UK, that would not affect his rights as an Irish(...)

There will be no winding up of England captain Dylan Hartley at Murrayfield, according to Scotland’s resource coach Nathan Hines. Photograph: Richard Heathcote/Getty Images.

(...) people of the Highlands have just been voted the happiest in the UK, there will be further trebles all(...)

Terry Wogan during his final breakfast show on BBC Radio 2. Photograph: BBC

(...) seemed particularly telling. When the UK radio ratings confirmed Wogan’s BBC Radio 2 breakfast show had(...)

(...) chief executive of the Irish division of Wates, the UK family-owned builders, then run by an old school(...)

Comma Press, the independent UK publishing house that has been making strides in the digital world with(...)

A simmering feud has erupted.  Crime scene at the Regency  Hotel. Photograph: Alan Betson

Irish and UK markets. Dispute However, Hutch had been in dispute with the gang and when a botched(...)

(...) survey in terms of coverage. The UK came in at 55th place. OpenSignal’s data looks at time coverage(...)