Industry analysts believe that in order for the IAG approach for Aer Lingus to be considered realistic, it would have had to be in the region of €1 billion, or about €1.87 per share. Photograph: Alan Betson

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Despite months of negative publicity about Ed Miliband’s leadership, Labour has a better chance of forming a coalition.   Photograph: Carl Court/Getty Images

Politics in Britain is now all about next May’s election and nothing else.Politicians left the houses of parliament in Westminster last evening to the(...)

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Seán McCarthy, who took the case, with his Colombian-born wife Helena Patricia McCarthy Rodriguez and daughters Natasha and Khloe. Photograph: PA

The UK cannot require non-EU citizens married to an EU citizen and living legally in another EU(...)

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Aer Lingus has Heathrow slots that could appeal to Willie Walsh-led IAG Photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

UK competition regulators to cut this to 5 per cent. While there has been no ruling, an offer from(...)

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A group of undocumented parents and children outside the Dáil to mark International Migrants Day. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons. 2:11

(...) 2005 through a UK visit visa that got her into Belfast.) Children born in the country to undocumented(...)

An Oireachtas committee has heard that Ireland’s cosmetic surgery patients are at risk due to the under-regulated nature of the industry. Photograph: Thinkstock

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