Nick Ashmore, CEO of Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill / The Irish Times

(...) four years to get off the ground.The UK bank is modelled on the Germany’s KfW, the post-war development(...)

Burnt out: Ageing oil fields in the North Sea look very vulnerable and could face early closures and accelerated moves to decommission them

London, the chief executive of a small UK explorer, a veteran of past oil market highs and lows, is less(...)

Meeting Ireland’s energy needs

(...) number one is redeployed here (ie take the total storage costs for the UK which has had a nuclear(...)

Aer Lingus and airport slots

(...), the UK Civil Aviation Authority or other parties! With these EU restrictions, how can a guarantee be(...)

Clostridium difficile is still the most common use for faecal transplant: it hits hundreds of thousands of people annually, causing serious diarrhoea and often death. Photogarph: The Irish Times

The Taymount Clinic in Hitchin, a commuter town in Hertfordshire, outside London, is happily moving home to Letchworth shortly, due to an increase in (...)

Mircosoft offices in Sandyford, Dublin: company is part of a “double Irish” structure involving Microsoft companies that are tax resident in Bermuda. Photograph: Jason Clarke Photography

(...).The company’s turnover came from Europe ($15.9 billion – €14.2 billion), the UK ($3 billion – €2.7 billion(...)

World Rugby chief executive Brett Gosper:  “You can’t say at this point who is favourite or not favourite.” Photograph: Dan Sheridan/Inpho.

(...) activity generated will be just over £2 billion for the UK.” “What’s interesting is also there will be(...)

Shane Bissett: royal mint ‘a strong consumer brand’.

As the UK royal mint is more than 1,100 years old, it’s not surprising to discover it had become a(...)

(...) ago, The Kooks were one of the most popular UK pop/rock bands in Ireland (2006’s debut album, Inside(...)

(...), then look no further than this quartet (above) of former undergraduates from Cambridge, UK. Can’t make(...)