Knowledgeable and animated: The Independents’ Pat Leahy

(...). For every Tony Gregory doing deals for his impoverished community – that grainy archive footage seems(...)

Kauai is balmy year-round, with a constant light breeze that means it never feels unbearably hot

Sheraton Kauai, which often has good room-only online deals. It is right on the beach, has two swimming(...)

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You can do Route 66 by car, but what about on the back of a Harley Davidson?

(...) are some excellent deals available to the most popular destinations for Irish visitors - New York City(...)

IIS chief executive Morgan Browne

(...) halved our overdraft and credit cards. I lost two deals worth €400,000 that we needed to trade until the(...)

Dave O’Flanagan, chief executive of Boxever

(...) predictive analytics to give airlines and online travel agents insight into each customer. O(...)

‘An underpinning principle of the cycle was that nobody be left behind.’ Above, cyclists participating in the Console charity cycle. Photograph: Conor McCabe Photography

Galway, more than I remember when I used to travel regularly to Galway city back in the 1990s to see(...)

 It’s likely the only way rates will fall  to a level enjoyed by our European counterparts – despite the efforts of Government – is if new entrants come in. Photograph: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

(...) who travel “here, there and everywhere” to discuss mortgages with you. This can be at work, at home or(...)

 Pauline Forster  at the Rotunda Hospital,Dublin: ‘ Having a baby is a unique time in people’s lives and it’s such a privilege to play a small role, to help them cope with any difficulties they face.’ Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

(...) health problem, or the clinic that deals solely with teenage mothers, or the clinic that supports women(...)

The world’s biggest maze:  the 19-acre maze in Italy has taken eight years to build and is made up of 200,000 bamboo plants and three kilometres of inside paths

(...) chance your flight will be either delayed or cancelled. That’s according to a study by UK travel company(...)