Europol chief says reason for seeking accounts was pursuit of witnesses, who could say something about what was going on

(...) useful during the attack on the Bataclan theatre, he said, because those inside who were using it, were(...)

 Rubberbandits: the pair say they are not comedians or entertainers but artists

(...) extended beyond 2010’s anthem Horse Outside to an RTÉ “documentary” on 1916, a theatre show, Continental(...)

Friday The Leitrim Equation Samuel Beckett Theatre, Trinity College 8pm #20 leitrimequation(...)

Trish Kavanagh, on right, and her friend Brenda Keane

(...) bunch, so we frequently manage to talk about stuff other than our kids – history and books, theatre and(...)

Maj Willie Redmond MP joined the Royal Irish Regiment at the age of 53

(...) died at the Battle of Messines Ridge on June 7th, 1917. Abbey Theatre The future of the Abbey Theatre(...)

About 200 protesters take part in a demonstration against the arrest of two puppet players, at Cibeles Square in Madrid, Spain. Photograph: Fernando Alvarado/EPA

(...) dropped. “A piece of theatre, however inappropriate its content may appear, is not a security risk,” said(...)

Declan Kiberd: There’s no point in beating ourselves up that we don’t have people quite like Yeats or Joyce or Collins or Lady Gregory or Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington; it’s better just to be glad that they came at all. Like the Renaissance in Italy happens once in a thousand years and that’s enough

(...) the Abbey Theatre], and it’s about 500 pages. It’s basically the main texts of the revival, but quite(...)

Martin McCann: “When you haven’t got that much to lose, your body just doesn’t want to go anywhere. The energy drain is very challenging”

(...) attended the Rainbow Factory, a theatre project for young people, and soon found himself securing the(...)

A member of the Malawi Mouse Boys being recorded by Ian Brennan in Malawi

(...) turns out it had all been for amusement. To be allowed passage, we had paid a toll in theatre. Rural(...)

Beckett Theatre in Trinity College, which will feature a crackly old recording of Fitzpatrick singing The(...)