‘The proposed constitutional amendment will enshrine the principle of the equal dignity of human love for same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples alike.’ File photograph: Thinkstock/Getty Images

(...) impairment, infertility or choice. In 1973, the Supreme Court upheld the right of married persons to have(...)

A married couple from Brooklyn advocating for marriage equality outside the US supreme court. Photograph: Johnny Bivera/AFP/Getty Images

(...) brief filed by a group of 100 lawyers and university professors with the supreme court, which last week(...)

Clinton, the Supreme Court ruling in Bush v Gore, and the decline of serious journalism, especially in the(...)

Nicole Hudgens, of Texas Values, voices her opposition to same-sex marriage outside the US Supreme Court in Washingon. Photograph: John Boal/ EPA

(...) associated with the Supreme Court decision racially desegregating public schools, and Roe, the name(...)

Retired Supreme Court justice Catherine McGuinness with community garda Kerrie Sullivan at Pearse Street station, Dublin, on Sunday. Photograph: Paul Sharp/Sharppix

(...) banners, not as impartial public servants. In an extraordinary lapse of judgment, former Supreme Court(...)

Sinker sunk: the wreck of U-20, the U-boat believed to have torpedoed the Lusitania off the Old Head of Kinsale. Photograph: Bain/Library of Congress

(...) significance. Bemis successfully contested certain terms in a Supreme Court action in 2007. Bemis says a(...)

Minister for Education Jan O’Sullivan says an agreement with teacher unions over junior cycle reform is “within closer reach than at any point over the last few years”. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

(...) commentary around the recent unsuccessful Supreme Court case taken by a Traveller boy against CBS High School(...)

A woman stands amid the damage to a neighbourhood where residents are working to recover personal belongings from their homes in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Photograph: Daniel Berehulak/The New York Times 1:30

(...), lingers like a curse.The bricks on the wall outside the supreme court have fallen on to the street, while(...)

(...) partner Marie Fleming went to the Supreme Court on the issue, argued in these pages yesterday. An Irish(...)

Independent TD  John Halligan: ‘You have a right to dignity in life and you have a right to a dignified death.’ Photographer: Dara Mac Dónaill

(...) partner of Marie Fleming who took a legal case in the Supreme Court to be allowed to end her life(...)