Rosanna Cooney: Did I want to talk about the man who dragged me to the ground, kicked my face in, broke my nose, sliced my lips, fractured my skull, blackened both my eyes and stamped his footprint on to my cheek?

(...) females. Strata of trauma exist within each of us, whether as primary experience or secondary. The nurse(...)

(...)-worker and waitress. She was educated at Everton Primary School and the Girls’ Model secondary school. Reid(...)

A significant judgment concerning the entitlements of part-time teachers and with implications for all teachers has been issued by the High Court

(...) directing the Minister to admit Ms Boyle, a qualified secondary teacher, to that scheme. The judge said the(...)

‘Portrait of a bearded man’ by Rubens - part of the Beit collection which had been due for auction this month

(...) or secondary legsislation, it is claimed. It was also alleged the relevant paintings were unlawfully(...)

Speaking after the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation backed the Landowne Road Agreement, its  general secretary Sheila Nunan said the deal was an overdue restoration of some of the income teachers lost during the recession. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times.

(...) its counterparts in the secondary teacher unions the ASTI and the TUI. Both of these are due to hold(...)

(...) secondary searches, grilling him about his travels. The stress gave him ulcers and panic attacks. But he(...)

The State Examinations Commission is reviewing the operation of its “reasonable accommodation” scheme after fresh complaints this year from a number of parents of children with conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and autism. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

The State Examinations Commission failed to implement a series of recommendations aimed at making the provision of exam supports for students with spe(...)

Second Captains Event 4

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Second Captains Event 4

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(...) a popular boy in primary school, and very confident and outgoing. When he went to secondary, things(...)