All I’m saying is, now more than ever parents don’t have time to teach tidying up so I reckon the schools should take over and Kondo’s bestseller is the obvious text book

Apparently ‘politics’ is going to be taught in Irish secondary schools at some point in(...)

Where next?: Leadership is required from religious patrons, unions and politicians, but this has been lacking, according to Prof John Coolahan

(...) nationalities in Irish secondary schools, with one in eight students born overseas. In many cases parents not(...)

Atheist: John Hamill. Photograph: Eric Luke

(...) week when the principal of Castletroy College, a secondary school in Limerick, refused to allow a first(...)

(...) secondary dials in the chronograph version being customisable as well. And, after 2 years, you can trade it(...)

Sr Mary Killeen: ‘For people trying to climb out of poverty, eviction reduces them to dependence and destitution.’

(...) four primary schools and a secondary school. Sr Mary and the Sisters of Mercy are tied up in an(...)

Protestant schooling

(...) to remove the ancillary grant that many of our secondary schools depended on to cater for a(...)

Former taoiseach Jack Lynch (right), with David Andrews (centre) and Sean Barrett at the official opening of the first multi-denominational school, Dalkey school Project National School, in 1984. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh/The Irish Times

(...) secondary education on the grounds that its absence was “a dark stain on the national conscience”. It(...)

The Iúda Naofa before it sank north of the Butt of Lewis in January

Sunday. Conneely, a former secondary school teacher who spent several years working in forestry in(...)

IBack to the future: ‘The Austrian system is more than 150 years old and began with steam train and horse and cart. With our new technology . . . we can offer a better experience,’ says Nick Blake

(...) supplies, architect models for competition – and where price is a secondary concern. Prices vary but(...)

Iput chief executive Niall Gaffney:  “Demand at the moment is outstripping supply and will do in my view for the next three years. We don’t see oversupply in the market for some time.” Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

(...) the secondary market. “Major pension funds would have bought those shares.” Importantly, the fund(...)