The poster for ‘McLintock!’ is one of dozens of vintage posters on auction and is signed by Michael Wayne, John’s son

(...) unacceptable today. Whyte’s auction of Rock, Pop & Movie Memorabilia in Dublin next month includes a(...)

Spacebomb don follows up “Big Inner” with another album of superbly poised rock, pop and soul(...)

Mike Scott. ‘I love Twitter, but it sometimes gets me into trouble.’ Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill 3:49

This, says Mike Scott, is the 76th interview he has done about The Waterboys’ new album, Modern Blues. You can be sure that he also has the number (...)

Sean Johnson: Alexander Matthews, Alexander Quinn and Lexan Reid were just three of his aliases. Photograph: Andrew Downes
Con man, actor, sex offender

(...) between the ages of 16-24 wanted . . . genre: rock/pop.”On January 13th, in a post on the website gaycork(...)

The Decemberists: purveyors of bookish indie-rock, yet prone to fantastical lyrics, concept albums and rock operas

After conquering the indie world with 2010’s The King Is Dead, The Decemberists did exactly what any band building momentum probably shouldn’t do: (...)

‘We discovered that we had this really easy rapport with each other in the studio as musicians.’ Above, Jeff and Spencer Tweedy

Most kids grow up with dreams of being an astronaut, a superhero, or maybe – if their parents are lucky – something slightly more sensible, such as(...)

 Rock band U2, whose guitarist The Edge (second left) learned to play on the instrument being auctioned. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimmons

(...) sell it and consigned it to auction. It will go under the hammer in Whyte’s sale of “Rock, Pop(...)

Top brass: Alec Hanley Bemis. Photograph: Fergal Phillips

It’s a Saturday afternoon at the National Concert Hall in Dublin. Surrounded by the chatter of musicians, the clatter of instruments being taken ou(...)

Mark Lanegan: ‘It’s satisfying and gratifying to make your own music, but I personally don’t get the same enjoyment out of the music that I make as I do from somebody else’s music that I like’

It should come as no surprise to find Mark Lanegan is a man of few words, but I have a list of questions in front of me that is dwindling in a worr(...)

Damien Rice’s scorched singing lit up Other Voices. Photograph: Rich Gilligan

  1 Small is the new big Big musical gatherings have their charm, but the magic is in the minutiae. Other Voices is a festival version(...)