This bustling, triangular café narrows to a perfect point in the wedge-shaped Naughton building on Dublin’s Pearse Street. Serving breakfasts, lunches(...)

People march in to the Cuddell Recreation Center where Tamir Rice was killed, in protest to Cleveland police officer Michael Brelo being acquitted of manslaughter charges after he shot two people in 2012. Photograph: Ricky Rhodes/Getty Images.

(...) spray. Police arrested at least three people at a restaurant after someone threw an object through a(...)

Fish Shop sits at the bottom of a townhouse near the Luas line in Queen Street, Dublin

(...), picturing someone sprinting round the corner, but it’s sourcing in the restaurant sense rather than in the(...)

The Long Dock is a gem at the heart of Loop Head and the perfect stopping-off point en route to climb the lighthouse over Clare’s spectacular cliffs. (...)

(...) your pals are planning a night out and want to go to a decent pub or restaurant so you naturally turn(...)

(...) is the presence of a neurotic ex-girlfiend in Georgio’s restaurant. Gradually his controlling(...)

(...) quickly deduce to be a final meal in a fashionable restaurant. Suddenly, they are interrupted by a friend(...)

(...) castanets from the imagination of Ferran Adrià. The chef closed his ground-breaking El Bulli restaurant(...)

This little coffee spot is named for its location opposite lock number six on the Grand Canal (you know the one, it features in every “it’s sunny in D(...)

Mezzanine buzz: The Pepper Pot cafe, Powerscourt Centre, Dublin. Photograph: Anna Heikinheimo

Wrapping around the first mezzanine level of the Powerscourt Centre, the Pepper Pot is a bustling little café with some of the best scrambled eggs (...)