The interior of Marcel’s on Merrion Row in Dublin.

(...) pubaurant: half-pub, half-restaurant. It’s a place where everything tries to look like it’s been here for(...)

Brian O’Keefe came across artist and cook Fiona Hallinan when she and her collaborator Katie Sanderson brought their food and art project, The Hare, t(...)

(...). The restaurant upstairs is a low-ceilinged space. Small sash windows look onto the canal, where(...)

Jackie Keating and David Barry in their restaurant Gotham Café on South Anne Street in Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

(...) restaurant in Dublin, opening Gotham Café in South Anne Street in 1993, followed by Gotham South in(...)

(...) on Miso Sligo, the town’s first Korean-Japanese restaurant. In the kitchen is Head Chef and owner(...)

Craft stands out like a neatly groomed thumb, all tasteful navy outside with minimalist simple branding, and the cynic in me is suspicious.

Garner in Town Bar and Grill and later in the reinvented post-Stokes brothers Bang Restaurant on Merrion(...)

Meal Ticket: Knox, Sligo

Irish Restaurant Awards earlier this year. The kitchen team is led by Shane Meehan and Kai Puls, and(...)

I first came across Carolanne Rushe in around 2012, through reading her blog that celebrated the healthy, plant-based food she was eating and cooking(...)

Murph's Bistro at the Derragarra Inn, Butlersbridge, County Cavan. Photo: Adrian Donohoe.

(...). Fergus Murphy is the chef owner and he has worked a world away in Le Gavroche, the two star restaurant of(...)

Russell Wilde, Owner Manager and David O’Byrne, Head Chef, at  “Richmond” restaurant in Portobello Dublin. Photo credit Ros Kavanagh

(...) chef is David O’Byrne, who has worked in French restaurant La Mère Zou and Mulberry Gardens in Dublin 4(...)