Le Petit Pois:  in  an old stone building at the end of lane off Victoria Place in Galway city

(...) rather than a place to go for dinner. The small French restaurant is tucked in to an old stone building(...)

(...) fashionable restaurant. Suddenly, they are interrupted by a friend of Therese, the younger woman, and the(...)

(...) for a McDonald’s restaurant less than 100 metres from its front entrance. Temple Carraig secondary(...)

(...) restaurant scene sees him so repulsed by the very word “retirement” that he can’t finish his lunch – seems to(...)

The story of Hansel & Gretel is, like all the Grimm Brothers’ tales, a pretty scary one involving a child-eating witch. The only lightness about t(...)

Working for yourself has many benefits. Among them include working from home in your PJs (hell, in your bed if you want) and creating your own hours. (...)

We should really call it the Pottolenghi Luck Club. It’s the occasional pot-luck gathering where a bunch of women each arrives to someone’s house with(...)

Take me to this River: Nicola Walker and Stellan Skarsgard in the most intriguing crime drama on TV this year

Brown as the 27-year-old strives to bring the restaurant in his parents’ rural Co Down B&B up to(...)

(...) of Anton Ego (geddit?), the savage restaurant critic in Pixar’s Ratatouille. Getting a negative(...)

The National Library of Ireland is home to records of Irish life, made accessible to those readers who wish to study the documents and archives of (...)