The last thing anyone running a restaurant in rural Ireland needs is a snarky critic riding in on(...)

(...) horror of London spikes, or the eerie,unapologetic depravity of Charlie, a restaurant regular. Little(...)

(...) photograph on the restaurant website until you’ve eaten, with long pauses between mouthfuls to savour the(...)

(...)-starred restaurant, lurks angrily across the road. Dismissing Om’s menu (convincingly, to anybody aware of French(...)

(...) at the country’s poshest and (according to the Michelin guide) best place to eat: Restaurant Patrick(...)

 Castle Leslie estate is a mecca for horse riding enthusiasts and has its own equestrian centre

Catering Review Gold Medal award “Value for Money Hotel of the Year”, Castle Leslie Estate has mastered the(...)

 An admission charfge is being considered for tourists visiting Venice Photograph: Getty Images
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(...)-managed museum. Car hire sharp practice under review The days of wildly differing car hire prices may soon be(...)

(...) restaurant like it sits where it sits and looks like it does. “It’s just there on the side of a busy road(...)

John and Sally McKenna launching their long-running Bridgestone review guides, 100 Best Restaurants in Ireland and 100 Best Places to Stay in Ireland. They have also launched apps for their guides. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

(...) for their restaurant guidebooks, for many years produced in association with Bridgestone, which has(...)

(...) to the tourists beside us. It’s a tribute to the dear-departed Dame Street restaurant of that name(...)