(...) the bathroom and everything got quiet,” the friend who’s nearest whispers. A restaurant with a higher(...)

Opened by the same team behind Market Lane, Elbow Lane and Castle Café, this small but perfectly formed café brings Persian flavours to Pembroke St(...)

Airbnb host Tanya O’Halloran in her apartment in City West, Dublin. Photograph: Aidan Crawley
Airbnb for beginners
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  • April 17, 2015, 16:00

(...)-based Wayne Gilsenan worked in the restaurant business. Yet with two properties in Dublin 8 under his belt, it(...)

(...) the Dart station, this vibrant little restaurant is bursting with the flavour and personality of Italy(...)

(...) upstairs Restaurant is completely fully booked. All our favourite craft beers are on the menu; we order(...)

(...) their dessert typically loved it and gave a good review. A restaurateur might come away from the study(...)

J Kennedy’s at the entrance to Tara Street Dart Station was long a spit and sawdust kind of pub. It had a lick of paint and some new decor a few ye(...)

This small U-shaped premises starts out as a health food store, reaches a coffee dock and juicing station and takes a sharp turn right to a deli an(...)

Restaurant reviewing is one of the last journalistic gigs where you’re expected to drink on the(...)

Stone launched, there were lots of jokes about paying to cook your own dinner - but the restaurant(...)