(...) of handsomer times. The restaurant opened in November in what was Carvill’s off-licence, a shop where(...)

(...) a new club on LinkedIn.Amanda Underwood, human resources director at PizzaExpress, the restaurant(...)

LinkedIn is hoping that it can attract  blue collar workers like carpenters, electricians, delivery drivers, waiters and joiners.

Underwood, human resources director at PizzaExpress, the restaurant chain, is optimistic about using Linked(...)

(...) state of flux.Is it though, as the Harvard Business Review once asserted, “a revolution that was never(...)

It’s more like a family gathering than a restaurant. I’m sitting in a candlelit room full of warmth(...)

(...) have found us guilty if just one review in a million was considered inaccurate. A standard has been(...)

Hot in the kitchen: Jackie Lavin with her chefs on The Restaurant

All The Restaurant (TV3, Wednesday) is short of is that nice maitre d’ offering diners a 32-bit(...)

The arts and crafts house on Shattuck Avenue where Alice Waters opened Chez Panisse in 1971 looks like a cross between a music box Swiss chalet and a Shinto temple

(...) of the porches in 2013, which has given this middle-aged restaurant a bit of a face lift. The evening(...)

Restaurant of the year: Harry’s Restaurant and Bar in Inishowen, Co Donegal

(...). Ireland’s restaurant scene has weathered a crippling recession. Some sectors – yes I’m looking at you, the(...)

A protest march against water charges on O’Connell Street, Dublin. The year started off badly for Irish Water and got worse. Photograph: Eric Luke

(...) an unacceptable and outdated law that was damaging the tourism, restaurant and hospitality industry(...)