(...) barrelling down to join us in this new Kilmainham restaurant. Like a typical newborn, Union8 has a wind(...)

Rising time: Roger Casement and John Devoy feature in ‘1916’

Restaurant (TV3, Tuesday) is back, and it doesn’t seem to have lost too much of its pulling power despite its(...)

I’m supping on a Mango Misty (€3), a vegan version of the more common milky lassi, made with coconut milk. It’s just as deliciously thick and cooling(...)

(...) things happened after the previous review. First, a man who was at the next table wrote to me to say how(...)

The Dublin borough of Stoneybatter has seen much gentrification in the past five years. Some of my favourite new cafes and gastropubs are on or near (...)

There’s a queue outside the Happy Pear as people line up in the chilly light for redemption with a light sprinkling of chia seeds. But we’re headed somewhere a little less well-known

A smart new restaurant where chicken takes centre stage (...)

You know when you finally find what you’ve been looking for, it helps you realise what you’ve been missing? At a recent brunch in Stoneybatter, I hav(...)

Recently, I’ve found myself defending the wait for a cup of coffee in our modern “fourth wave” coffee shops. If I’m paying upwards of €3 (or £2.90), (...)

(...) tonight. So it’s good to have a bellyful of fire beef from a Vietnamese restaurant to balance things out(...)

(...), drink the restaurant dry of vintages and hit on their female servers, flinging “their entreaties out in(...)