(...): Good THE VERDICT: 8/10 An exciting restaurant doing great things with Louth ingredientsAre you(...)

(...) local authority planning decision, pending the determination of a judicial review, did not prevent the(...)

(...) restaurants. He brought a grown-up restaurant home to an elegant room on a side street where people could know(...)

(...). McCarthy plays the title character, a useless employee at a fast-food restaurant who, within the space of(...)

(...) have never been to. That evening I went for Thai food with American friends. Everyone in the restaurant(...)

Footballers’ wives school of chic: Fiorentina Restaurant on Parliament Street

(...) has lived in Rome for more than a decade and describes the city’s restaurant scene as dominated by(...)

(...) us and two other people at first. Joe Macken and Jamie Heaslip’s restaurant has started a new brunch(...)

The Sika’s diningroom. The restaurant is named after the sika deer

(...) it The Powerscourt Hotel. The restaurant is named after a woodland creature, the sika deer. I haven(...)

  147 Deli on Parnell Street Dublin. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

“Is that the queue? For takeaway?” the man in the blue raincoat asks a woman holding a coffee. It is, she tells him. “Jaysus,” he says turning arou(...)

Following the acquisitions Dalata will have six Maldron branded hotels in Dublin.

(...) intervals. The next rent review is due in March 2017.The group is also set to pay €14.4 million in cash for(...)