Judge Mary Ellen Ring who said violent  attacks can cause upset to people or pets who witness them.

(...) gone into a McDonalds restaurant where they saw three drunk men and decided instead to go to a nearby(...)

A computer-generated image of the planned new entrance off Eyre Square to the shopping centre which will accommodate five new retail units and a cafe/restaurant with a deck area

(...) retail units and a cafe/restaurant with a deck area at first floor level.Eyre Square was developed by(...)

(...)’s Kitchen in Blackrock shopping centre and Shutters restaurant.

Fishmonger Stefan Griesbach with the Golden Red Fish in Galway. It was served to visitors to the Galway arts festival. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy

Griesbach of Gannet Fishmongers, who offered it to New Zealand chef Jess Murphy of Galway’s Kai restaurant(...)

McDonald’s reported net income of $1.39 billion, or $1.40 per share, in the quarter compared with $1.40 billion, or $1.38 per share, a year earlier

(...).18 billion, missing the average analyst estimate of $7.29 billion.The world’s biggest restaurant chain by(...)

Cafe de las Sonrisas (Cafe of Smiles) in central Granada, Nicaragua. Photograph: Deirdre Veldon

(...) disabilities in the past decade. Eight years ago, Prieto moved to Costa Rica to set up a restaurant. But(...)

People come to wash and pray in the Ganges, a major source of pollution in Varanasi, India. Photograph: Graham Crouch/New York Times

(...), were obstacles to tourism.“If I want to take my customers to a nice restaurant, I can’t take them(...)

Ssssssh: the atmosphere keeps kids quiet and the books keep them entertained. Above: the National Library. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien 2:05

(...) sandwiches, warm Miwadi and Tayto, and only ever saw the inside of a restaurant when they were making their(...)

At the pre-match parade in Clones, pace is everything; the slow-march and jubilant notes of the brass band somehow elevate the anticipation to boiling point. Photo: Andrew Paton/Inpho

(...), that’s because they are. And yes, Paulo Tullio and the other critics from the Restaurant might be(...)

(...): Good THE VERDICT: 8/10 An exciting restaurant doing great things with Louth ingredientsAre you(...)