FSAI chief executive Dr Pamela Byrne said food businesses need to be vigilant  in relation to food safety to ensure full compliance with food legislation. File photograph: Getty Images

(...) restaurant at UCD’s School of Architecture, at Richview, Clonskeagh in Dublin. The authority also served a(...)

(...) restaurant in the 1990s, so we decided the best way to celebrate the occasion was to throw a banquet in our(...)

Some of the contents of a 111-year-old lead box time capsule found during renovations at Breaffy House Hotel outside Castlebar, Co Mayo. Photograph: Michael McLaughlin

Healy of the Healy Mac’s Irish bar and restaurant chain, in August 2014. During work on the new bar(...)

Roger Casement (left) with John Devoy

McCarthy, art historian Dr Éimear O’Connor and former Green Party leader Trevor Sargent. The Restaurant(...)

Darroze (48), is the reigning “World’s Best Woman Chef”, having picked up her trophy from British magazine Restaurant at its “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” ceremony

(...) the kitchen of “Hélène Darroze,” the Paris restaurant that bears her name. Framed photographs cover(...)

The things you plan the least sometimes turn out the best. This is why every right-thinking person hates St Valentine’s Day. Scheduling a day for roma(...)

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Open House, a trendy restaurant in an urban village full of shops, clubs and bars. Later, we eat(...)

Our micro-guide to Edinburgh will show yo uwhere to stay, what to do, and what to eat

(...) four-storey organic and vegetarian restaurant is the brainchild of food activist and chef Justin Horne(...)

An eight-month-old female California sea lion pup is seen after being found sleeping in a booth in the dining room of a San Diego restaurant. Photograph: Mike Aguilera/SeaWorld/Reutesrs

(...) fancy San Diego restaurant, where it settled down into a booth. The malnourished mammal appears to have(...)