Did Jeff Bezos have to endure a dreaded “performance improvement plan” after the Fire Phone fiasco?Photograph: Joe Klamar/AFP/Getty Images

Amazon human-resources executive. The “weakest” are forced out every year, and it seems suffering from(...)

Results from Harvey Norman Holdings are due to be released tomorrow
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(...) orders (July). THURSDAY Results: Total Produce; CPL Resources; Genesco; Medtronic. Meetings: Chambers(...)

(...) identified four priorities: fix capacity issues, scale quickly, innovate and reassign resources to fuel(...)

Stephen Corri (26): “Over the summer I’d say I’ve applied for maybe around 20 jobs. I’m lucky to even get an email to say, ‘sorry you haven’t been successful this time’.”

(...) energy, but it is an extremely tough year. You don’t have as much experience or as many resources or as(...)

 Billy Kelleher: called waiting lists an ‘appalling indictment’ of the Government. Photograph: Alan Betson

Minister for Health and Minister for Finance needed to accept that more resources needed to be put in place(...)

 A migrant looks from behind the fence at the border from Serbia into Hungary on Saturday. The  Hungarian authorities said a record number of migrants crossed the border from Serbia last week. Photograph: Getty

(...),000 asylum seekers this year, has been pushing for such a list, arguing that it would free up resources to(...)

Downward curve: Western Australia is seeing a slowdown in mining. Photograph: Carla Gottgens/Bloomberg

Australia to Canada, when their working-holiday visas expire, or to pursue opportunities in the natural-resources(...)

Pat Barker. Photograph: Ellen Warner

(...) a London ravaged by the Blitz, she musters her considerable resources. Few writers have as(...)

The former Burren National School is in significant disrepair.   Photograph: Keith Heneghan/Phocus

(...) department was Independent councillor Michael Kilcoyne, who said the State had “loads of resources in(...)

Flight delays: abandoned planes at Goma airport, in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Photograph: Phil Moore/AFP/Getty

(...), sexual violence and shady deals exploiting its vast mineral resources. Its government says the country is(...)