Drop Egg Soup and Courgette Bread.Photograph: Alan Betson
Drop egg soup

This soup starts off with a bit of cooking, but the whole point of it is that most of the veg in it “cooks” only slightly in the stock. In a large s(...)

Drop Egg Soup and Courgette Bread.Photograph: Alan Betson
Courgette bread

Preheat the oven to 180°C. You’ll need a food processor and a large bowl for this, and it couldn’t be simpler. In the bowl, mix together the dry ing(...)

KEEP IT REAL by Calgary Avansino. Hodder & Stoughton Publishers 2016
Calgary’s cauliflower couscous

(...) two of this recipe before, but this is my favourite combination of flavours and textures. I just had(...)

Avansino’s book has been described as “a healthy eating bible”, but rather than preaching, it gently encourages what is an adaptable and inclusive way to eat.

(...) your plate at every meal.” You’ll have turned 154 pages before you reach the first recipe in Keep It(...)

Place your broccoli florets in a steamer and steam for approximately 10 minutes, until tender and still bright green
Broccoli ‘Meatballs’

The much-loved traditional meatball is a classic and a staple in many households, so I wanted to create a plant-friendly version that my kids would st(...)

Cashew Thumbprint Cookies  are made by blitzing the ingredients together and refrigerating the result
Cashew Thumbprint Cookies

My kids are my most trusted recipe testers – I try everything on them first. Sometimes I get a(...)

Lamb is so delicious

(...) in their own right, but come into their own paired with lamb. This recipe is very versatile. Just(...)

Photograph: Thinkstock

(...). Guacamole,” my mother would say, frowning at the recipe. “Guacamole. What am I missing?” “A Guac?” my(...)

Cooking with hay is an ancient process.

(...) came across a wonderful lamb recipe with hay and lavender. Prick the leg with a knife a few times and(...)

(...) charges we pay. Mé féin? A recipe for anarchy? – Is mise, MARIE DUNPHY, Bray, Co Wicklow. Sir, – Is(...)