Domini Kemp’s Asian Gazpacho. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Ghayour’s recipe gives precise instructions for this task. “This dish is pretty much the national salad of(...)

Breaking Eggs: fresh for summer melon soup 8:28

Author/ Illustrator Yvette Van Boven visits Breaking Eggs to help illustrate the childrens cookbooks and to share some fresh summer recipes. Video: Br(...)

(...), forge a relationship between them: such a recipe has been put to good use for hundreds of children’s and(...)

Lamb Shawarma

In a food processor, blitz the garlic, chopped onion and spice together to form a sludgy paste, then season well. Cover the bottom of a roasting tin (...)

Slice or grate the cabbage in a food processor. Season well with salt and leave to wilt for at least 10 minutes. When that is done, dress the salad wi(...)

The Roadtrip crew: Frank Houghton, Cathal McHugh, Rick LeVert and Aidan O'Neill

(...) first port of call." They agreed a recipe and a team of three from McHugh’s headed up to Donegal. Road(...)

Book-ears by Orla Kerr

(...) write recipe comments or adjustments. “I launched them at the London book fair in March,” says Kerr(...)

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees/gas 4. You’ll need a pot with a lid that will go from hob to oven for this. Start by browning the chicken pieces, ski(...)

Anchovy vinaigrette

I make this by hand, rather than in a blender. In a medium bowl, whisk the yolks, mustard and garlic before adding the mushed up anchovies. Steadil(...)

(...) play is firmly occupied by a humble fruit: the lemon. Whether a recipe calls for the zest, pulp(...)