These nuggets are oven-baked, which is healthier than deep-frying

(...) dinners that you can just put in the oven and forget about until the timer beeps. This recipe is so easy(...)

Protesters in Baghdad’s parliament building after breaching the heavily fortified Green Zone:  they demand electricity, water and an end to corruption and the ethno-sectarian regime imposed on Iraq in 2003. Photograph:  Ahmed Saad/Reuters

(...) region, partition of Arab majority provinces into sectarian regions would be a recipe for a war far more(...)

Holy Smoke BBQ restaurant, Cork. Photograph:  Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision

(...).  Here is Relihan’s recipe for an all-purpose pickling liquor:  500ml cider vinegar(...)

(...) golden colour and chewy consistency make them an American-style cookie.This is a recipe I first wrote(...)

Meaty Bloody Mary

(...) the peppercorns and meat in this recipe. Leftover Bloody Mary-infused vodka can be used as a marinade(...)

Louisiana Hot Sauce

(...) pepper flavour. You want your chillies to be very ripe for this recipe. If they’re firm and fresh, try(...)

Venessa Greenwood’s Chocolate Chip cookies. Photograph: Harry Weir

This is a recipe I first wrote down in my Home Economics jotter at school, which shows that it’s an(...)

Melt the chocolate, in a bowl over simmering water, then set aside for 10 minutes to cool. Line three eight-inch sponge tins with greaseproof paper. (...)

Pork and halloumi burgers

To make the Creole rub: In a bowl, mix all the ingredients well. Optionally, put through a blender for an extra fine powder. Transfer the rub to a jar(...)

Mai Thai chicken thighs

(...) can cook these thighs in the oven. Simply follow the recipe up until you put them in the smoker(...)