The late Dermot Healy near his home in Ballyconnell West, Co Sligo: “He talked to the postman, walked the lanes, provided feasts, listened to birds and tales of ghosts, watched the play of light, cooks’ hands, glasses raised to lips, fingers moving over the buttons of a concertina and collected jokes, exclamations, sayings, idiomatic twists, shrugs, gestures, the way a thought or feeling broke into a face.” Photograph: Alan Betson

(...) they describe have the feel of myth. But there is no recipe. I’ve wondered as I’ve read them what it(...)

‘Quinoa can be quite trouble-free to grow in Ireland’

(...)’s nutritional value and taste at the same time. This week’s recipe uses quinoa, a gluten-free powerhouse of(...)

The need for transparency goes beyond the final results and, equally, applies to disclosing that a trial is being carried out. Photograph: Thinkstock

(...)’s like baking a cake without a recipe; with infinite attempts, eventually the perfect cake would be(...)

Don Share, Charles Wright and Charles Simic in the Library of Congress, Washington DC: To Simic’s delight and Wright’s great amusement, Share mentioned the recent article in The Irish Times by Maureen Kennelly, Director of Poetry Ireland, in which Simic was quoted as saying: “the recipe for happiness is six words long: ‘For starters, learn how to cook’”

(...) quoted as saying: “the recipe for happiness is six words long: ‘For starters, learn how to cook’”. After(...)

Essaouira, Morocco

(...) later. It took a remarkable Moroccan ruler, Sultan Sidi Mohamed ben Abdellah, to assemble the recipe of(...)

Spiced Lamb

In a medium-sized saucepan, heat a tablespoon of olive oil. Over a medium heat, saute the onions for about minutes until they’re translucent. Add the (...)

Pierce and bake the whole aubergine, with skin on, for 30 minutes at 180 degrees/gas mark 4. When the aubergine is cool, cut the top off, peel it like(...)

Glanbia chairman Liam Herlihy at the recent Special General Meeting of Glanbia Co-Operative Society Ltd in Kilkenny.Photograph:  Dylan Vaughan.

(...) have been seen as a recipe for trouble – and the sector has not been without its controversies. But the(...)

The finished dish has a dramatic green colour and an amazingly fresh flavour

(...) week’s recipe is kuku or kookoo, a Persian frittata. Typically the kuku has less egg than a frittata(...)

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland guidelines say the term “artisan” must only be used to promote  foods that are made “in limited quantities by skilled craftspeople”. File photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

(...) recipe at least 30 years old, or a method of production at least 30 years old. “Natural” should only be(...)