‘Consumers need to put more pressure on the banks by threatening to switch their business’

Paul from Dublin has been in touch with a story we think is instructive. He says he succeeded in persuading Bank of Ireland to reduce the interest (...)

The mobile maze – by design or by accident – is always working against consumers, but they can fight back. Illustration: Getty Images

Have you any idea how much it costs to make a five-minute peak-time phone call in Ireland today? Outside of your bundled minutes, that is? For that(...)

Supervalu said prices may vary due to individual stores running a local promotion or extending a promotion

A reader by the name of Derek got in touch with two very different queries. “Just wondering if you’d take a look into Supervalu’s pricing struc(...)

It’s estimated we flush away 30 per cent of our water, use 13 per cent washing clothes and 7 per cent washing cars. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

With water metering looming, Dublin consumers hastily dropped their consumption of water late last year, and the numbers of people seeking water conse(...)

Convivial drinking in a pub is grand, despite what the new puritans might have you believe (see also: red fizz, stage left). Photograph: Getty Images

(...) a long way from grand. Last year, Pricewatch made the mistake of wandering down Grafton Street at(...)

A passion for fashion: Conor Pope working in the Oxfam Ireland shop in Rathfarnham. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

I’m rummaging through my first bag of the morning when I pick out a bra so big you could use it as a parachute. I put this somewhat unconventional (...)

‘We have spoken to our customer, apologised and explained the situation, which is now sorted,’ says a UPC spokeswoman

David Evans recently upgraded his UPC TV package to one now being advertised on the company’s website. “If you go to the ‘Broadband, TV and Pho(...)

Sovereign Hand Shears: This is a very good product; it is easy to use and makes light work of all but the heaviest branches

This pleasingly named manufacturer promised Pricewatch a razor-sharp shears, and that is exactly(...)

Bank of Ireland: ‘We never ask for personal banking details such as account numbers and pins’

Paul Horan has a gripe with Bank of Ireland, where he has an account. “I have provided the bank with my mobile phone number and I have, from time t(...)

Love/Hate: Shopping online is fast and easy (although sometimes, perhaps, too fast and too easy). Illustrations:  Getty, Thinkstock

(...) can fill all your retailing needs on someone else’s dime. Not that Pricewatch would ever consider it(...)