Our reader wrote to UPC in January, cancelling the service. ‘I also cancelled the direct debit. I have since been billed for two months’ service,’ he says

Sam Glendenning had ongoing problems with his UPC television service, which the company’s technicians tried and failed to rectify on a number of oc(...)

There is a reason supermarkets are designed they way they are. The longer the aisles, the more we spend. Photograph: Getty Images

1 You know how that little corridor you’re funnelled through as you queue to pay for your groceries is always kind of narrow? That’s not so the sup(...)

‘I have had no satisfaction in dealing with the company, and they insist they have to try to repair the phone three times before they will replace it.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

A reader called Carla has been having “serious issues” with an iPhone 6 she bought from Carphone Warehouse in January. Her phone worked properl(...)

Group birthday parties can cut down on presents and reduce the environmental impact of buying plastic toys that are discarded soon afterwards. Photograph: Thinkstock

(...). Another Dublin mother, Lisa Ryan, tells Pricewatch that parents in her child’s class agreed that they(...)

Pricewatch guide: Is travel insurance an essential holiday item? Photograph: Thinkstock/Clive Mason/Getty Images

A reader contacted us last week to give out about travel insurance. He and his wife took a policy out through their credit union and had the misfortun(...)

‘Our system cannot accept a membership application without the applicant manually entering their credit- or debit card details into the sign-up page,’ says Complete Savings

More confusion over Complete Savings sign-up More on Complete Savings, the “web loyalty” scheme that costs €12 a month. We received an email from rea(...)

Ryanair ‘not liable for the passenger’s care and assistance’. Photograph: Anne-Christine Poujoulat/AFP/Getty Images

John O’Brennan was caught up in the recent air-traffic controllers dispute in France. “I was due to fly with Ryanair on April 8th from Dublin to Fa(...)

Going, going, gone: shrinkflation leads to ‘price increases by stealth’, says Dermott Jewell of the Consumer Association of Ireland. Photograph: Thinkstock

(...) her claim, Pricewatch had no choice but to buy a Brunch. Sure enough, the biscuit coating wasn’t a(...)


GALBERTS GARLIC TOASTIE €2 for 240g, €8.33 per kg We are told on the packaging that these toasties were “hand-buttered”, although we’re no(...)

If 70 per cent of Irish people think they are financially clued-in and only 50 per cent have a pension, then something is very wrong. Photograph: Thinkstock

(...) are climbing fast. Pricewatch has been given the first look at the poll of a representative sample(...)