John, a separated dad, wants to ensure he has broadband and TV should his children visit him at Christmas. Photograph: Aidan Crawley/Bloomberg

(...) is the last Pricewatch before Christmas, we wanted to finish with a good news story. As luck would(...)

Aisling Jones: arranging car hire in advance kept transport costs to about €30 a person for the week, including petrol. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Irish holidaymakers spend about €1,000 on their summer holiday overseas. While that figure includes the cost of getting to a destination and stayin(...)

‘What I would really like to do at this stage is cancel Vodafone and move back to Eircom,’ says our reader

Last September, a reader called Deirdre switched her home phone account from Eircom to Vodafone as the company “appeared” to offer a better package fo(...)

Simply having a frugal Christmas time

  Total savings so far: €4,660 Can we help you save €5,000 a year without draining the colour from your life? We think so. Austeri(...)

Ulster Bank: ‘We have contacted the customer to assist with their request.’ Photograph: Alan Betson

(...) charges seem high to Pricewatch, but no matter how frequently we highlight it, the company has shown no(...)

Thom Malone: ‘I have lost at least two stone.’ Above, Malone with his children, Maisy Belle (2) and Milo (5). Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

TOTAL SAVINGS SO FAR €4,360 Can we help you save €5,000 a year without draining the colour from your life? We think so. Austerity has force(...)

‘I feel strongly that 3 broke their contract with me,’ says our reader. Photograph: Thinkstock

A reader named Kathryn had been with 3 Mobile for two years when she had a big falling-out with the company in May, after she got a call from them (...)

Switch and then keep switching. By changing providers every couple of years, you will knock 10 per cent off your annual costs

Some Irish homeowners will waste as much as €1,200 over the next decade because they can’t be bothered to plug out their televisions, while those w(...)

Irish banks are declining debit cards when customers try to use them in the US

Using your debit card in the US? Better tell the bank Last week we carried an item about AIB putting a block on someone’s debit card becau(...)

Lisa Redmond: ‘I wait until I’m in a bad mood to call the insurance company.’ Photograph: Eric Luke

Insurance is not the sexiest word in the English language, but paying attention to the bottom line when it comes to car, home and life insurance wi(...)