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(...) that start “Hello, is that Mr Pricewatch? Can you tell me your mother’s maiden name” are pretty rare(...)

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A reader called Sinéad contacted us in a state of agitation after being refused a car loan of €10,000. “I am furious,” she writes. “I have been with (...)

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(...) wasting money. Pricewatch carried out a Twitter poll early last week, asking users how many channels(...)

An air passenger’s rights in the case of cancellation are clear and unambiguous. Photograph: Denis Doyle/Getty Images

“You probably get lots of complaints from unhappy Ryanair customers,” starts a mail from Anne Marie Kealy. “In December four of us flew to Cologne (...)

What was TS Eliot thinking when he described April as the “cruellest month” in his poem The Waste Land? April is a walk in the park compared with Jan(...)

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Marriage separations are rarely easy and they should not be made harder by a television and broadband provider. But that appears to have been the case(...)

A worker at a Texan oil rig. Photograph: Brittany Sowacke/Bloomberg

If you ever went looking for evidence to prove that economists, analysts, journalists and so-called expert commentators haven’t a clue what they are (...)

In ranges packaged differently based on gender, women have to pay more for being women. Illustration: Getty

(...)? If you spot a serious gender price difference, email us at or tweet @conor(...)

Santa chose the Amazon Fire for kids over all other tablets because it comes with one year Fire for Kids Unlimited.  Or does it?

(...) “Bah. Humbug,” starts the first Pricewatch complaint of the new year. It comes from Paul Forde(...)

Prinzessinnengarten in Berlin, a community garden run by a committee of 10 or 12 people who offer workshops on growing and spaces for tool and bike repair. Photograph: Ullstein Bild/Getty Images

The chrome and neon of the chain stores and multiples make it a generic European high street, a typical shrine to consumerism. The freezing weather an(...)