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1 Never change money at airports, either at cash desks or at ATMs. They will rip you off and give you the rates you deserve for being so disorganis(...)

‘I feel eMobile has a duty of care to inform its customers when such large amounts are involved,’ says our reader. Photograph: Thinkstock

Owen Dalglish contacted us about his dealings with eMobile. He has opted for paperless billing, and he was informed a couple of months ago that “th(...)

Taking a case: hiring a solicitor is not always a straightforward process. Photograph: Thinkstock

The Minister for Justice, Frances Fitzgerald, completed the passage of the Legal Services Regulation Bill on April 23rd, and the Seanad Second Stag(...)

‘We have been advised to restrict sale of low-value stamps and so we insist that customers buy them at the time of posting,’ says An Post. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

A reader called Brendan contacted us with a bizarre stamp story: “I went in to Blackrock post office this afternoon to buy a stamp,” he writes.(...)

Spotify offers a free music service for those who don’t mind putting up with ads

Last week we published a list of all the ways we are being forced to pay for stuff today that was once free. Well, the flipside of that is all the stu(...)

The Lenovo S8-50

Ronan Hughes turns 40 this month, and his wife and two children came up with the idea of getting him a tablet as a present. “I spent about six week(...)

Many petrol stations now charge for air. Photograph: Thinkstock

How much extra will you end up paying in 2015 for stuff that you would have got free little more than 15 years ago? Over the past 10 years or so, p(...)

Does everyone have more money in their pockets and are the bad times over then? The short answer is, no

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‘When I asked to see a manager, the answer I received was “No! You cannot speak to my manager. I cannot contact him” ’. Photograph: Aidan Crawley/Bloomberg

In March, a reader called Philip upgraded his phone from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5C through the Three Mobile website. It was delivered the next da(...)

Internet stars Seán Mclaughlin and Melanie Murphy at a recent YouTube Irish Creators Day in Google’s Dublin offices. Photograph: Dave Meehan 2:04

Every minute of every day, 300 hours of footage are uploaded to YouTube. That head-melting statistic alone shows how the video-streaming website has c(...)