Illuminatus-in-chief?  Klaus Regling, chief executive officer of the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF).  Photographer: Graham Crouch/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Gerald, recently retired professor at the ESRI, has long been the leading analyst of fiscal policy in Ireland, a(...)

The Law Reform Commission has recommended new legislation on insurance contracts. File photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

(...) that nowadays it referred to situations where, for example, a son or daughter took out a policy on(...)

One of the key recommendations of the Tusla study is that the focus of childcare policy must broaden from just the early years. There is a necessity for “high quality childcare at all stages of childhood”.  -

(...). Childcare policy One of the key recommendations is that the focus of childcare policy must broaden from(...)

A father dresses his son at their home. A Túsla-commissioned study is the first in Ireland to look at the influence of childcare arrangements from infancy (nine months) up to the age of nine years, on a child’s physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development. File photograph: Casper Hedberg/The New York Times

Government policy in tackling childhood inequality. She points to the need for a more nuanced approach(...)

Roger Casement: said he wanted Ireland to be restored to Europe. Photograph: Getty Images

(...)”. Casement revealed his disillusionment with the British Empire, criticises British imperial policy in South(...)

US secretary of state John Kerry: said the negotiations “could go either way”. Photograph: Reuters/Leonhard Foeger

(...) narrative,” said James Acton, co-director of the nuclear policy programme at the Carnegie Endowment for(...)

New Greek finance minister Euclid Tsakalotos (right)  with Greek president Prokopios Pavlopoulos (centre) and Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras  in Athens yesterday.  Photograph: Andreas Solaro/AFP/Getty Images

(...) eurogroup conference table. But, on policy, the change will ensure continuity. Mr Tsakalotos, who, like Mr(...)

Chinese investors in front of a screen showing stock market movements. Chinese investors have 112 million accounts on the Shanghai stock market. Photograph: EPA/How Hwee Young

(...) the politics of financial policy making in China. Chinese investors have 112 million accounts on the(...)

French president Francois Hollande welcomes German chancellor Angela Merkel as she arrives at the Elysee Palace in Paris for a crisis meeting on Greece. Photograph: EPA

(...) said that Greek policy positions were more important than personnel. Ms Merkel, who has worked hard(...)

(...) arising from policies for his wife, Indira Suram. Each policy was for €500,000. Ms Suram died while(...)