Joe and Ena Foley were so full of happiness

(...) parenting from a father or mother who had an addiction.” Walsh says that she is a great believer in a good(...)

It is important that parents demonstrate support for each other’s parenting decisions, especially in front of the children. Photograph: thinkstock

(...) common things couples fight about is their different approaches to parenting. Invariably, each partner(...)

Children are starting a digital footprint, so they need to tread carefully. Photographs: Thinkstock Images

(...) depend on your child’s age and maturity, your relationship with the child and your parenting style – and(...)

(...)-free monsters. Playing the game is not just another example of my excellent parenting (one of my children is(...)

‘There seems to be an assumption in some quarters that if a child doesn’t get her sticky fingers all over her personal iPad before she knows how to spell her own name, she will be doomed for life, forever playing catch-up with her more tech-savvy peers.’ Photograph: Getty Images

(...) the livingroom or kitchen? A survey in the UK by the parenting site mumsnet last year found that 30(...)

Margaret Martin, director of Women’s Aid, says: ‘Domestic violence, in any of its forms, cuts across any category you use to divide people up: age, culture, educational background, social class.’

(...) also criticise what the victim is especially proud of, such as her parenting. “That, combined with(...)

Members of the St Colmcille’s National School Knocklyon Parent Association, from left, Ruth Connolly-Devlin , Yvonne Dunn , Louise Burke, chairwoman, Richie McCormack, Sharon McAllister, Tracy Griffin and Monica Ferrer Sala. Photograph: Eric Luke

(...) put in a kid’s sandwich” or bringing up their own experience of parenting at meetings.“A lot of time(...)

Some 80 per cent of the almost 750 secondary schools have a parents’ association in some shape or form – ranging from the totally inactive to ones that are very, very active. Photograph: Thinkstock

When children go on to secondary level, parents no longer have the daily rallying point of the school gate. This means that parents’ association event(...)

(...) more improved, not necessarily larger version, of the former me. Family meals, baking and parenting are(...)

‘The same research also contends that people without children are generally happier. This surprised me.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

(...) on which life, or more specifically parenting, is predicated, feel awfully fragile. Slumped there, in(...)