The Seanad sat late on Monday night while the Children and Family Relationships Bill 2015 passed report and final stages, meaning it has almost become law. Minister for Justice Francis Fitzgerald and Senators debated aspects of the proposed legislation for more than eight hours, concluding their discussions after 10.30pm

(...) with the mother of their child for 12 months “and played an active role in parenting their child(...)

Classes build up towards full ‘submersion’ for babies, which many parents may find nerve-racking. Photograph: Thinkstock

(...) their whole body, which they are not used to.” According to modern parenting wisdom, you are never too(...)

Women are wonderful for celebrating and making connections and holding families together, whereas men can think in a linear fashion: What’s all the fuss about? Why do we have to do this? Photograph: Thinkstock

Throwing your house open to family and friends to celebrate one of life’s milestones sounds like a great idea, but the practicalities can threaten (...)

Keep it simple: guests just want good company and a bit of food. So relax, and you’re halfway there. Recognise your limitations, whether they a(...)

Organising family events, such as First Communions, can be very stressful after separation. Photograph: Thinkstock

(...) important family events such as communions can be stressful at the best of times. When you are parenting(...)

Katie O’Brien (9) from Holy Family Senior School Swords came first in this year’s Sightsavers Junior Painter of the Year awards with her winning painting, I Want You to See Books Fly.

(...) stories; local newspapers and magazines related to individual interests such as pets, cars and parenting(...)

Senator David Norris: disgraceful to claim that the Government was anti-child. There was an “offensive and bullying’’ tone involved in the criticism. Photograph: David Norris

Frances Fitzgerald told the Seanad. “The key factor is good parenting,’’ she said. “It is not family types(...)

Senator Jim Walsh is understood to be opposed to 36 sections of the Children and Family Relationships Bill

(...) hierarchy of parenting arrangements when the best interest of the child is being considered. A family where(...)

For any relationship to flourish there is a need for some principles to be adhered to: fairness, loyalty and decency are essential.

(...) have legitimate issues to tackle: the isolation of parenting and house-maintenance on your own, the(...)

Marte Meo founder, Maria Aarts: ‘A baby who gets a smile from a parent for doing something begins to trust his own initiative and to develop a sense of security and self-worth.’

(...) method developed greater confidence in their parenting skills and rediscovered their ability to parent(...)