“Do some people have two daddies and two mummies?” is another question that’s been thrown at me by my daughters

(...) tricky. I’m sure there are some parents who relish this part of parenting. The bit where you get to(...)

St Ives harbour, Cornwall:   this part of England  gets the best weather, yet doesn’t get too hot for children. Photograph: Matt  Cardy/Getty Images

I am parenting my 12-year-old daughter on my own. Holidays are always a bit of a challenge as she(...)

While there is a very high rate of drop-out from sport and exercise among students in exam years, participation in sport is unlikely to affect exam performance negatively and may well have a positive impact. Photograph: Thinkstock 2:19

Some children dread the annual school sports day that is coming up any week now. They are probably the same youngsters who rejoice in wet Saturday mor(...)

Dance instructor Niamh Mullarkey with  Fit Kids Fit Teens in Mell Parish Hall, Drogheda, Co Louth. Photograph: Barry Cronin 2:19

Donnacha Lynch tried soccer and other sports as a child but didn’t really enjoy being part of a team. “The constant training and Saturday morni(...)

‘The reality is that the vast majority of children are raised by their biological parents and this will not change with a Yes vote. But the concept of parentage is much broader than biology.’ Photograph: Getty Images

(...) aunt, a grandparent or any person acting in a day-to-day parenting role. The social aspect of parenting(...)

When the stress of exams seems too much, there are simple practices and procedures to ease it. Photograph: Thinkstock

If you have a parenting question, send your query to health@irishtimes.com (...)

‘Sometimes my children feel the brunt of somebody annoying me at work, the fact that the car has broken down, that I’ve put on weight or have a hangover. It happens. It doesn’t make me a bad parent.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

(...) about it, the more I realised how imperfect my parenting skills are. But imperfection is a common(...)

‘Remember that those impacted by this referendum are real people whose real lives cannot be dismissed by false slogans. They are our brothers, sisters, daughters and sons, our family, our friends.’ Photograph: Getty Images

(...) side demonising gay parenting – and gay men in particular – in increasingly crude terms in a last(...)

‘The status, rights and responsibilities of civil partners can be changed at any time through legislation’ Photograph: Getty Images

(...) focus of any legal regulation of parenting, including regulation of adoption, AHR or surrogacy(...)

Psychologist Dr Maureen Gaffney: “I’ve been deeply troubled by the way the campaign has been run by some elements on the No side.” Photograph: Dave Meehan

(...) is the quality of parenting that child receives”. Parenting was “a function of quality, not of colour(...)