From left, Elaine Grainger of Talbot Gallery and Studios; Liz Coman of the Lab Gallery; Sheena Barrett of the Lab; Liz Burns of Fire Station Artists’ Studios; Hilary Murray of ArtBox; and Oonagh Young of Oonagh Young Gallery. Photograph: John Beattie

(...) other studio is given annually as a graduate award, this year to National College of Art and Design(...)

Tággidi Mar Ribeiro: ‘If I work here with a full-time job as a cleaner, my life will be better than working in Brazil in my field.’ Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

(...) another hurdle faced by many English- language students. She shared her first home in Dublin with 15 other(...)

Illustration: Alex Bors via Thinkstock

(...) sacrifice of moving to the other person’s country. Love always requires some level of sacrifice but the(...)

Daithí Ó Cearbhalláin  at work with the Irish Coast Guard, Shannon, Co Clare. Photograph:  Brian Arthur/ Press 22

(...) board. The other was from the British Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners’ Benevolent Society Award in(...)

The pinniped barked, rolled on to its back and flapped its flippers across its belly, like it was having a laugh

(...) several other houses in the street. The circumstances of the explosion, and Vinny’s revelations about Lugs(...)

‘Amid the thunderous roar of the engines, you could tell the passengers were gritting their teeth and clenching their buttocks.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

(...), without nuts. The one about perfume being sold. The one about lottery scratch cards on sale. The other one(...)


(...) people, and by no other means. A key factor in this is the acid test; can it urbanise? Any language(...)

Greece after the referendum

(...) people have spoken, so now let us allow the other euro zone members have their referendum. The question(...)

(...) sale possibly because unlike the five other developments it dated back to the 1980s. Marathon Asset(...)

Frascati shopping centre in Blackrock, Co Dublin: Invesco will pay about €68 million for the centre. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Centre in Blackrock, Co Dublin, which is in line to be extended and upgraded. A number of other funds(...)