(...) architects. Two engineering companies and a fire consultant were responsible for, among other things, the(...)

Remembering Brian Friel

(...) student, I was catapulted into the other world of theatre and into the heart of Ballybeg. It was my first(...)

Biblical figure of ‘the antichrist’ and ‘the man of sin’ is not manifestly evident from scripture”. Other(...)

Terry Leathem, principal of Glenwood Primary School on the Shankill Road.

(...). He says that over the years many other reports have come up with similar findings. “There appears to(...)

Time to encourage younger TDs?

(...) people (and other groups) too. If the purpose of the gender quota is to improve democracy, it cannot(...)

Political posters

(...) lampposts except within one month of an election. For some reason or other this law does not appear to apply(...)

John Moreland: started work at 16. Photograph: Frank McNally

(...) family’s unchanging presence at 6 College Street for so long. Its neighbour on the other side, Doyle(...)

International Monetary Fund chief economist  Maurice Obstfeld answers questions during the World Economic Outlook press conference  in Lima, Peru. Photograph: Stephen Jaffe/AFP/Getty Images

International Monetary Fund said yesterday, with a deep slowdown in China and other emerging economies masking a(...)

Shipyard workers in 1999. Protestant school-leavers still think more in terms of jobs than higher education, though many of the jobs have gone. Photograph: Stephen Davison

(...) likely to enter higher education than other groups. Protestants are persistently more likely to enter job(...)

International Monetary Fund chief economist Maurice Obstfeld answers questions at the World Economic Outlook Press Conference in Lima, Peru. Photograph: Stephen Jaffe/IMF via Getty Images

(...) agriculture unit, valued at about $10 billion. Other mining stocks also rose, with Anglo American up 24.7p to(...)