John Waters, it’s an off-beat satire on middle class America, featuring transvestite actor Divine(...)

Catherine Dunne and the Italo-Irish anthology, Lost Between: “All writing is an act of translation – of experience into words, image and metaphor”

(...), and sometimes startling. The observations we find there are frequently offbeat, slyly humorous, and(...)

Atticus Lish avoids sentimentality by limiting access to his characters’ thoughts and focusing instead on their raw and often painful experiences, and the resulting tale is sympathetic, disturbing and unusually powerful

(...) is the creation of a vividly-drawn, offbeat female heroine: Zou Lei is pragmatic, loyal and(...)

‘When it comes to the marine, we’ve a pretty good record of selling off the family silver, or even giving it away.’ Above, John Fitzgerald takes Lorna Siggins on a seaweed foraging tour. Photograph: Valerie O’Sullivan

(...) be a bit of an offbeat way to spend a morning or afternoon.” Fitzgerald, a licensed skipper, also(...)

Producer Philip Wiseman, author / playwright J P Donleavy and  Richard Harris, who played The Ginger Man,  in the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin in 1959. Photograph: Dermot Barry

Dangerfield, an American studying law at Trinity College. Supported by a variety of offbeat and engaging(...)

The West Cork Chamber of Music festival takes places in St Brendan’s Church and Bantry House in Cork Friday and Saturday. The festival celebrates its (...)

Machine . . . Many people would describe your offbeat style as “weird”. Are you okay with that label(...)

Are You, St George? has an offbeat indiepop theatricality. Coupled with the sense of darkness(...)

(...) you’re happy in a zany black and white ensemble and it reflects your bubbly, offbeat personality, why(...)

(...) variation of Joyce’s Dublin while the narrative, particularly in the many sequences of offbeat dialogue(...)