UPC said the move to allow customers block content reflects the wishes and concerns of parents who responded to a survey.

(...) were worried their children had access to inappropriate material. “It’s a brave new world in terms of(...)

Smoke billows from an oil storage tank in the Libyan port of Es Sider in Ras Lanuf. Photograph: Reuters

Exporting Countries (Opec) resisted supply cuts to defend market share while the highest US production in(...)

Josephine Feehily: is not impressed by businesses that have ‘fancy corporate social responsibility policies’ and don’t regard tax as part of that.

(...), of any new global regime would be the mechanisms that were put in place to ensure countries did not(...)

The year opened with the news that the Dublin property market had turned a corner. Photograph: Aidan Crawley/Bloomberg

(...). Dublin had enough land zoned and ready for construction to accommodate 46,000 new homes. That potential(...)

(...)’s Vincentian Order of Catholic priests, and returned to the Kennedy family. The new owner, assumed to be(...)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked his cabinet ministers to not take holidays this New Year as Russia prepares for recession. Photograph: Alexei Druzhinin/Reuters

(...) to time off from January 1st to January 12th to celebrate the New Year – the main holiday in Russia(...)

Oil has declined 45 per cent this year, poised for the biggest drop since 2008

Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest crude exporter, is seen to be signalling its confidence in the market(...)

Stephens to Dublin Castle at 6.30pm/7pm on New Year’s Eve. The 3 Countdown Concert The Bank of Ireland(...)

(...) new Twingo, it’s fair to say my pulse didn’t hit triple digits. The first time I got to see this(...)

French soldiers patrol near the Eiffel Tower in Paris as part of the ‘Vigipirate’ security plan. Photograoh: Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters

(...) urged them “to continue to live normally”. French security officials say they have not established any(...)