Jesko Zimmermann, a research fellow in botany in Trinity College Dublin’s School of Natural Sciences, said lands used for crops cause the release of more carbon sources than grasslands, which sequester carbon.  File photograph:  Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Dublin’s School of Natural Sciences. Lands used for crops cause the release of more carbon sources than(...)

Sex sells  at a Las Vegas arms fair:  Americans’ constitutional right to bear arms is not just a domestic issue; it has effectively inhibited effective global gun control treaties

(...) eight lost their lives in a bomb blast. 6. The first gun assassin to enter the history books appears(...)

The previously unknown 1623 edition of William Shakespeare’s First Folio, described as the most important work in the English language. Photograph: Getty Images

(...) he was a natural, untutored genius. But, of course, this is not true, and Shakespeare carefully(...)

This photo,  courtesy of Chris Hamilton PhD, shows the Johnny Cash spider(Aphonopelma johnnycashi) found near Folsom Prison in California. Photograph: Chris Hamilton/AFP/Getty Images

Aphonopelma family. Dr Chris Hamilton, from the Florida Museum of Natural History, who named the spider(...)

Since leaving Ireland 14 years ago, Aonghus Kelly (pictured above with his girlfriend) has lived in New Zealand, Bosnia, and the UK, working as a prosecution lawyer on war crimes, organised crimes and terrorism cases.

(...)’s incredibly varied in every way. Being Irish was always an advantage; our history and politics have given(...)

Powerscourt Gardens, Co Wicklow. Photograph: Carmel Byrne

(...) for consumption. Medieval deer parks had dense natural woodlands, but the deer parks in the 17th(...)

If women’s anxieties are not identified and dealt with, they can get out of hand. They overthink things, with negative thoughts leading to low self-esteem, which increases the risk of post-natal depression. Photograph: Thinkstock

(...) your urine and the baby’s heartbeat. However, unless a pregnant woman or new mother has a history of(...)

British prime minister David Cameron: ‘Next to the prime ministers who were physically hollowed out by the stresses of power, he looks like he has spent the past five years in a spa’. Photograph: Mark Runnacles/PA Wire

(...) natural way of things. Real money and real people are caught up in George Osborne’s work as chancellor of(...)

Ella Woodward: The eating regime that Woodward devised involved saying goodbye to gluten, dairy, refined sugar, processed food, additives and meat. Photograph: Clare Winfield

Woodward, then a 19-year-old history of art student at St Andrews, it was the sudden onset of a mysterious(...)

Terry Wogan in Cork: “Although born in Limerick, I’m a kind of child of the Pale. I think Gay [Byrne] was able to communicate better with the country people than I would be. I’m too metropolitan. I think I was born to succeed here, I have much more freedom than I had in Ireland”

(...) to Anglo-Irish relations in a particularly troubled era of our shared history. At a time when(...)