(...) delighted by the mental benefits of running than the physical. Indeed you have helped your lungs, heart(...)

The HSE issued a statement confirming a senior psychiatrist had contacted the girl’s mother on Thursday to discuss a number of assessment options.

Adolescent Mental Health Team. It also said an inpatient child and adolescent facility in Cork can be(...)

Lawyers for jailed murderer Daniel McDonnell have brought fresh proceedings claiming the authorities at Wheatfield Prison have failed to act on foot of a High Court judgment

(...) it difficult to cope. His physical and mental health has suffered.Following his judgment Mr Justice(...)

Jimmy Savile, whose passing was initially mourned in 2011 before his crimes emerged into public view, raped or abused sixty-four victims — aged between eight and 40 — in just one hospital alone, Stoke Mandeville; though his oldest victim was 75. Photograph: PA Wire

Service acute hospitals”, Mr Hunt told MPs — as well as five mental health trusts and two children(...)

A Dublin youth, who laughed after he stabbed a young man with a flick-knife and left him for dead, has walked free from court on a technicality

(...)” category of offenders. He had also noted the teenager had “significant mental health issues” including(...)

Belfast Magistrates’ Court has heard the woman’s new status may be linked to a potential change in her mental health status.

(...) mental health status. Requesting an updated medical report, District Judge Fiona Bagnall said: “That(...)

Marchers carry posters of Antonio Zambrano-Montes during a protest over his killing in Washington State. Photograph: Rajah Bose/The New York Times

(...) sort of injury? Did he have some mental health situations that he was dealing with in the days and(...)

Former Progressive Unionist Party leader Ms Purvis said the Northern Assembly “forces” any woman who is pregnant as a result of rape or incest, and wants an abortion, to continue with that pregnancy against her will. Photograph: Paul Faith/PA Wire.

(...) there is a risk of real and serious adverse effect on her physical or mental health, which is either(...)

Life expectancy and wealth

(...),Assistant Professor ofMental Health,School of Nursing and Midwifery,Trinity College Dublin,Dublin 2. Sir, – You report(...)

It is important for a company like the Barry Group to have staff that can work in harmony.
The best of the Irish

(...) at Topaz. “We want to be a company that influences difficult issues, such as mental health. Last(...)