Although Kermit has denied rumours of a relationship with Denise, the chemistry between them is hard to deny, on set and in pictures

(...) publically place bets on Miss Piggy’s mental health.  There's a betting pool in #TheMuppets office(...)

‘Participants in Saturday’s big Right2Water rally were also on Twitter. Sinn Féiners was complaining RTÉ had deliberately edited coverage to exclude the party’s involvement. A prominent non-party protester retweeted an objection to The Irish Times online’s decision to put the water protest below a column about the IRA’s allegedly massive global assets.’ Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

(...) optimism that get us out of bed every day. This country has problems. The charge sheet is out there: mental(...)

The Parental Alienation Awareness Association said there was a lack of understanding in Ireland of how serious this form of alienation can be and how much damage can be caused to children as a result. Photograph: Thinkstock/Getty Images

Mental Disorders, the bible for mental health diagnoses. However, family therapist Brian O’Sullivan says(...)

Young people need to be supported to learn how to validate themselves more, so that they are not as dependent on social media feedback. Photograph: Thinkstock

(...), and it creates a need to figure out ways to better mind their children’s mental health. Young people(...)

Children need to learn to handle a range of emotions – negative and positive – that go with winning, losing and competing. Photograph: Thinkstock

(...) associate being “first” and “best” with parental acceptance and love, their self-esteem and mental health(...)

Addiction counsellor Frank Harkin, in the grounds of Belvedere House, Mullingar, Co Westmeath. Photograph: James Flynn/APX

(...) rather complex, as there can be other mental health issues, so there is no simple all(...)

The Athlone Regional Sports Centre

(...) cardiac issues or are suffering from diabetes, asthma or lung conditions or those with mental health(...)

Niamh Randall, national spokesperson for the Simon Communities. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

(...).g. healthcare, mental health services and drug and alcohol treatment etc.” She said the Department of the(...)

One child treated in Temple Street hospital in Dublin weighed almost 30kg, double the average weight for their age-group. Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

(...) problem. These children also have a high incidence of mental health problems and low self-esteem,” says Dr(...)

The number of young people contacting the national centre for youth mental health, Headstrong, grew(...)