The Sun’s version of “truth” sowed deep resentment and distrust in readers and consumers of the trashier sectors of the media industry.

(...) to debate mental health services, or junior doctors in the UK, or who may or may not be “Becky with(...)

Church’s latest offering will create for teachers trying to teach the social, personal and health(...)

Senior executives are generously rewarded. In return they bear responsibilities that are hefty and in some cases can prove overwhelming. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

(...) sceptical whether the top tier of business will become more accepting of mental health issues. But there is(...)

By talking to your son in advance about your father dying, your son has time to prepare to say goodbye, maybe by making a final visit to see Grandad. Photograph: Thinkstock

(...) dealing with bereavement. Dr John Sharry is a mental health professional and co-developer of the(...)

Denis O’Callaghan (90) rehersing. Photograph: Dave Meehan

(...) again and joined this group. “It has given me a great sense of confidence and it’s great for your mental(...)

Eamonn Keaveney’s barefoot walk will take him from Galway, to Cork, Waterford, Donegal, across the Wicklow mountains and into Northern Ireland before returning back to Mayo. Photograph: Baring my Soles for Pieta House/Facebook

(...) problem of mental health in the country and the suicide rate among young people. “I have an advantage(...)

HIV Ireland said it was  likely the number of people living with HIV in Ireland is considerably higher than the number of diagnosed cases.

(...) mental health,” he added. “Failure to do so runs the risk of creating a catastrophe out of a crisis(...)

Leicester City’s Danny Drinkwater (left) and Danny Simpson (centre) started their professional careers at Manchester United before being let go. Photographs: Getty.

(...)-bagged clothes in a charity shop, escorting people with mental health problems to the toilet and teaching them to(...)

Protest against the diversion of €12 million from the mental health budget this week. Photo: gareth chaney Collins

(...) ring-fenced funds from mental health care to other areas of the health service. Points were raised(...)

Catherine Mack, above, has learned to be wary of people who say they are 49, are in an open marriage or (ahem) wear sunglasses in all their profile pictures

(...) ‘So, what’s your five-year plan?” the mental health nurse asked me, without any sense of irony(...)