(...) markets work in different countries is very much affected by the demographics. In Germany, a regime that(...)

Safety in numbers? Investors aren’t helped by an alarmist media and a short-termist analyst culture. Photograph: Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images

(...) markets ever recover”.Recover they did – US stocks have tripled over the last six years. Stagnation Of(...)

A Hanergy exhibition stand at a Clean Energy Expo in Beijing recently:  China’s Hanergy Thin Film Power Group is under investigation by Hong Kong’s market watchdog,  after the company lost half its market value of nearly $40 billion in 24 minutes on May 20, 2015. Photograph:  REUTERS

(...) risk, and superior market-timing ability”. Markets appear to be more guided by fundamental data during(...)

Bankers say the rise in the value of the Swiss franc in January reflected a drying up of liquidity due to restrictions on  trading activities

(...) markets to lobby against new risk-calculation models, which they warn will treble the capital needed in(...)

Taxi apps – both Chinese and foreign – face attention from law-enforcement agencies in many Chinese cities due to prohibitions on unlicensed operations. Photograph: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

(...) companies that can disrupt inefficient markets such as transport and financial services.However, taxi apps(...)

Eddie O’Malley and his son Jack: ‘We decided to have Jack and me as the people behind the brand so that people would know us and by extension know our products,’ says O’Malley.

(...) artisan rashers and sausages. Now Jack and Eddie’s, the brand he created, has gone from farmers’ markets(...)

Royal County Down golf club. More than 80,000 golf fans will gathering to see some of the world’s top golfers compete. Photograph: INPHO/Presseye/Matt Mackey

(...) just to audiences in key markets like Britain and the America but also to new emerging markets like(...)

Dublin heavyweight CRH ended the day down 0.44 per cent at €25.62

European shares fell yesterday, with the Spanish and Greek stock markets hit by concerns about(...)

Bangkok: Some six million Chinese are expected to visit Thailand this year, compared with 4.6 million last year. Photograph: REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

Bain & Co’s report (Worldwide Luxury Markets Monitor 2015 Spring Update), the European market(...)

An Indian taxi driver rests in his parked car in Kolkata on Monday. Taxi unions in the city have urged drivers to stay off the roads between 11am and 4pm because of the heat after a driver died in his cab. Photograph: AFP Photo/ Dibyangshu Sarkar

(...) markets were deserted. Authorities announced a compensation equating to €1,400 to relatives of those(...)