(...) we raised this new investment. We need to invest in expanding our marketing so that more people know(...)

Anne Clarke on the set of Once in the Olympia Theatre, Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

(...) #onceindublin, seem like a savvy marketing strategy to appeal to summer tourists. Clarke has a growing track(...)

Sinéad Doherty: “There is something unnatural about turning away business”

(...). Most of my time is spent on HR and strategy, IT issues, sales and marketing. It’s a huge transition(...)

(...) marketing authorisation of a drug called edoxaban (Lixiana), there are now four such agents available on the(...)

Tourists on a jaunting car through Killarney National Park: Ireland is the seventh most recalled holiday destination by British people. Photograph: Sally MacMonagle

(...). However, the body fears that rising prices and falling spending on both overseas marketing and attractions(...)

(...) magazine founder and editor Alanna Gallagher has a background in fashion and marketing and when shopping(...)

Sisters Penny and Maria Vlachou, owners of the Greek snail farming company Fereikos Helix,  Korinthos, west of Athens. Photograph: Yiorgos Karahalis/Reuters

(...) and Germany, providing them with start-up expertise and supplies as well as buying and marketing their(...)

(...) to meet with the likes of venture capitalist Tim Draper (the “inventor” of viral marketing), TV chef(...)

Mundy’s hymn to the smell of July celebrates the scents left behind by mowing machines

(...) the marketing department of the House of Sillage would call it “a striking composition of fortified(...)

From Left to right: Emer O’Daly, Aoibh O’Daly, Kate O’Daly of Love & Robots. Photo: Ailbhe O’Donnell.  Photograph: Ailbhe O’Donnell.

(...) accounts to marketing,” says Lynch. “It’s a bit like planning permission – having someone to tell you(...)