If I had been interested in the Rats before, my enthusiasm rocketed through the roof now. These leprous anti-establishment scumbags had actually attended my school! Blackrock College, this priest-run joint long famous for churning out obedient wage slaves had somehow produced The Boomtown Rats! How had this happened? There was hope for us all. Photograph: Terry Torph

(...) days, and sometimes when I did, The Boomtown Rats would come into my mind. Live Aid had happened(...)

Triskel Artistic Director  Tony Sheehan: “Cork has remained very vigorous artistically despite the crash... we try to ensure that we occupy a meaningful part of the spectrum.” Photograph: Provision

(...) on, Plugd and ourselves are working more and more in tandem, whether its co-production of live(...)

‘I became a New Yorker in some ways and thrived on the energy, the buzz, the pace and the constant drive to do more, achieve more and better myself.’

When I remember how quickly I jumped on the chance to go live in New York, it is entirely fitting(...)

Dr Oliver Sacks in his office in New York in  2001. Sacks, who explored some of the brain’s strangest pathways in best-selling case histories like The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, achieving a level of renown rare among scientists, died on August 30, 2015, at his home in New York City. He was 82. Photograph: Andrea Mohin/The New York Times

New York Times about learning that he had terminal cancer and had just months to live. “I cannot(...)

Rave on Van Morrison

(...) that live album from 1974 featuring Morrison and the Caledonia Soul Orchestra in full flow the previous(...)

Investor Klaus Hommels at his venture capital firm, Lakestar, in Berlin: “We won’t be afraid to back start-ups with high valuations if we can accelerate their growth.” Photograph: Robbie Lawrence/ The New York Times

(...) become integral to how we live,” says Hommels, who also invested in King Digital, the maker of Candy(...)

Richard Fitzgerald, Jessica Kahawaty, Casey Fitzgerald, Simon Harrington, and Heidi Schnittger  at the launch of Lovin Dubai

(...), is expanding to Dubai. A new site – Lovin Dubai – will go live tomorrow, headed up by advertising(...)

Marc Maron: ‘The reason the podcast is popular is the emotional risks that are being taken.’ Photograph: Gary Miller/Getty Images

(...) read a prompter. In the 1990s he auditioned unsuccessfully for Saturday Night Live (something he(...)

Alan Maguire at the Ghost Estate Farmlea Manor Ferrybank, Waterford.  Photograph: Patrick Browne

Alan Maguire and Carol Anne Kennedy live, with two dogs, on a small housing estate just outside(...)

Brian Eno: ‘What I mean by surrender is an active choice not to take control. An active choice to be part of the flow of something.’ Photograph:  Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images

African countries to us. Their destination is the promised land of Europe, where we live in privilege and(...)