The five poets shortlisted for The Irish Times Poetry Now award are, clockwise from top left,  Nick Laird, Conor O’Callaghan, Tara Bergin, Billy Ramsell and Sinéad Morrissey

(...),/ from St John’s to NODE FOUR in Brazilia”. Irish poets are as likely to trace their roots in foreign(...)

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Irish Roots

(...). In Ireland, “Irish” is first of all a straightforward label of citizenship, but, like every other(...)

Crowds gather in front of the GPO on O’Connell Street, in Dublin, in November, 2010, as the country entered the final hours of negotiations for emergency EU and IMF loans aimed at preventing the crisis from spreading to Portugal and Spain and threatening the future of the euro. Photographs: Reuters/Cathal McNaughton

(...) where things went wrong. It traces the roots of monetary union, from the establishment of the European(...)

Minister for  Tourism  Paschal Donohoe at the unveiling today of the restored Molly Malone statue at its new location on Suffolk Street, Dublin. Photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times 1:46

Molly Malone is back on the streets today after being removed from her former home at the bottom of Grafton Street at the end of April.The statue was (...)

William Allingham: “a man who understood empire, but remained an outsider, the boy from Ballyshannon who never forgot his roots”

England. I like the Irish, but they’re a fearful nuisance.” Allingham’s superb notation indicates a man(...)

Ministers for Silly Hats: Paschal Donohoe and Michael Ring get ready for a hoedown. Photograph: Fáilte Ireland

(...). The cowboy hat-clad ministers posed with two Irish country musicians next to a few bales of hay and an(...)

Irish Roots

(...), the work was long, painstaking, and eye-wateringly detailed, but it is a godsend for all Irish(...)

Edward Hendrick, chief executive of Sonru: spent countless hours travelling from his home to various locations around the country for interviews that frequently lasted less than half an hour. Photograph: Conor McCabe

(...) interviews using an online service provided by Irish company Sonru. The company is the brainchild of(...)

The nearly 80 foot tall bonfire pyre at Lanark Way near the Shankill Road in Belfast before it was set alight as part of the Eleventh Night celebrations. Photograph: Dan Griffin/The Irish Times

Bonfire pyres wreathed with Irish Tricolours and other nationalist symbols were set alight across(...)

Philip Pettit: the absence of deference is almost as important as the absence of fear.  Photograph: Frank Wojciechowski/Princeton University

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Irish politics is short on ideas, with almost all the(...)