The Catholic Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin has said he regrets saying the church needed a “reality check” following the marriage equality referendum. Photograph: Gareth Chaney Collins

(...) respected categories of people in Irish society today ‘our local priest’ must be in the top five and for(...)

(...) making these records accessible and free to all. ( “Tracing your Irish family tree just got(...)

(...) – in more ways than one. “The Deacy name is interwoven into the roots of old Galway and thanks to a(...)

Peter Davey from Blue Raincoat Theatre in the Samuel Beckett play Endgame, part of the 2013 Happy Days Enniskillen International Beckett Festival 2013. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Irish debut with a controversial production of Waiting for Godot, as do France’s leading dance group The(...)

‘The Irish are well regarded in Australia. Probably because we were never part of this country’s ruling elite.’ Photograph: Getty Images

(...) disdain for authority to the influence of our Irish roots. 5. Be prepared to be appalled by the plight(...)

Differences in culture, business approach and regulation may put many people off the possibility of growing into places such as Africa but that doesn’t mean there aren’t major opportunities there

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(...) straightforward. Until now. Henry McDowell, a stalwart of Irish genealogy for more than 50 years, uncovered a(...)

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The Irish Village Markets Thursday market on the Grand Canal at Mespil Road

(...) around the city to feed long queues of hungry workers. Irish Village Markets operates eight locations(...)

‘Germans like to indulge in a vision of Ireland as a country of freedom, fun and spirituality. This is sometimes strange but can also be advantageous.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

(...) him in 1995 to work in that indispensible adjunct to nomadic Irish building workers, the Irish pub. It(...)