Literary society: James Joyce with Sylvia Beach of Shakespeare & Co, who first published Ulysses (far right), and her fellow publisher and writer Adrienne Monnier. Photograph: Gisele Freund/Time & Life pictures/Getty Images

(...) it might mean to be Irish. The three main characters have lived, or have their roots, elsewhere(...)

The Last General Absolution of the Munster Fusiliers at Rue de Bois, a painting by Italian artist Fortunino Matania, depicting the front line near where Capt Arthur O’Sullivan took part in the 1914  truce during the first World War

(...)-old career soldier in the British army’s Royal Irish Rifles. Amos, as he was known to his men, played a small(...)

(...), in English: “Phwat is yer nam?” The response, in Irish, begins: “Bonaparte, son of Michelangelo, son(...)

Echoes of the past: Anthony Cronin, photographed with his dog Butler in 2004. Photograph: Frank Miller

Irish poetry in recent decades. Inevitably, it is hard to read the poems in this collection without(...)

(...) roots from elsewhere. I no longer think about how my Northern Irish accent, with its foundation of(...)

As the votes were counted, it quickly became clear that two acts in particular – and two Irish acts at that – were running away with the race. We speak of The Gloaming and Hozier.

(...)    BEST IRISH ACT  1 Hozier  2 The Gloaming  3 Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh(...)

Wren boys in Dublin. Photograph: Frank Miller

(...) wren boys were native Irish and Norman, the mummers were found in the Pale. “The mummers replaced an(...)

The who’s who of the Oireachtas banking inquiry. Above, chairman of the committee Ciarán Lynch. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill / The Irish Times

Douglas in the Cork South-Central constituency and has roots in Ballyphehane. He studied education(...)

Ian Pettersson with his wife and two sons at their home in Estonia. ‘We have lots of land. We grow our own fruit and veg.’

(...) my Irish roots. I tell my kids the same stories I learnt in school about Brian Boru and Finn MacCool.

Nobel Prize winner Professor John O’Keefe at University College Cork, where he delivered a lecture at a neuroscience symposium and received an honorary doctorate. Photograph: Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision.

(...) the nearby Bronx, he was always proud of his Irish roots with his father, Mikey, coming from Newmarket(...)