Andrew Langford: told staff he would be exploring “new challenges and opportunities”. Photograph: Eric Luke

(...) of Andrew Langford, the long-time chief executive of FBD, the insurance firm. Langford had led the(...)

‘Pay interest on the money swishing in and out? Go away, child. Dream on.’  Photograph: Getty Images

(...) popping in and out, organising my funds. One day I’m depositing money towards large bills such as the life-insurance(...)

Blue skies all the way for Ryanair shares

Andrew Langford said he would step down. The news from the insurance group sent its stock plummeting, as(...)

LÉ Samuel Beckett patrols Skellig Michael during filming last year for the new Star Wars film (overlay). Photograph: Charles McQuillan/Getty

(...) insurance. I’ve seen serious harm done to major archaeological sites – drilling holes in a temple in Egypt(...)

Recovering: Aoife Beary, who is still being treated at Santa Clara Valley Medical Centre, Clodagh Cogley, who is back in Ireland, and Niall Murray and Hannah Waters, who are also both still at the Santa Clara centre

(...) battle on the insurance front. Although the students were covered by J-1 travel insurance, some families(...)

FBD chief executive Andrew Langford (l) is stepping down after 19 years with the insurer

(...) following the announcement. Fiona Muldoon, the former director of credit institutions and insurance(...)

Isme estimates that the amount of money lost to the black economy amounts to at least 14 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP)

(...) of the cost of illicit trade is a priority. The campaign on insurance fraud was reasonably successful(...)

Credit unions said on Friday that the new regulations place “unwarranted restrictions” on credit unions, and send out a message that may cause “reputational damage” to the movement. (Photograph: Matt Kavanagh/The Irish Times)

(...) parties; *insurance services to be added on an introduction basis to list of exempt services. In their(...)

Lloyds Banking Group took a larger-than expected £1.4 billion charge for improperly sold loan insurance. Photo: Reuters

(...) insurance, threatening to undermine dividend plans. The latest provision was £400 million higher than what(...)

“Medical use of cannabis is legal for licensed users in California and 23 other states. Instead of full legalisation, we have the world’s loosest medical licensing.” Photograph: Thinkstock

(...) dispensaries or bakers because banks depend on federal law and insurance. Colorado bakeries are run on cash(...)