Big tech companies have  decided that supplying the means for others to analyse data is going to be a big business

The technology world is looking at ways to make everything more efficient. The question is, will this be good for the many, or the mighty few?Earlier (...)

Prof Thorri Gunnlaugsson (left) and Dr Oxana Kotova from Trinity College Dublin School of Chemistry with the functional luminescent gels they have developed. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Chemists at Trinity College Dublin have cooked up something special – a gel that could be used in a variety of ways, from preventing scarring on damag(...)

Ibec warns that the pipeline of discoveries as they move towards commercialisation will dry up without more blue-skies activity and also wants to see the establishment of a body independent of government to watch how we invest State funding in research

(...) together a new policy on science, technology and innovation given that our existing policy document on this(...)

Dash is a wireless in-ear headphone . . . packed inside is a music player, 4 gigabytes of storage, a microphone to take phone calls and sensors that monitor your position, heart rate and body temperature.

(...)”.Even as the new Apple Watch piques consumer interest in wrist-worn devices, the pace of innovation and the(...)

Peter Fisk’s book is a richly researched work on an interesting subject.

(...) trick is to connect “future back” with “now forward” so that strategy and innovation are not made(...)

 Susi Geiger: “There are a lot of promising trials taking place, but the innovations aren’t being implemented . . . We are hoping to come up with a model for the industry which can help overcome this.”

(...) addressed by Susi Geiger, vice-principal of research, innovation and impact at the University College Dublin(...)

Lawrence Parnis: “The efficiency and potential cost savings offered by an online management solution were not fully realised by the salon industry until recently.”

Hive Salon Software was established by Lawrence Parnis and Shino Jose in August 2014. Its product is a new, cloud-based business management system for(...)

New grades: The A1, A2 system is being replaced by marks from H1 to H8 at higher level and from O1 to O8 at ordinary. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

(...) innovation is the awarding of points for marks of 30-39 per cent in higher-level papers. Currently, this is(...)

Open-plan inefficiency: large open offices are bad for employees’ physical and mental health. They increase stress and damage overall productivity and creativity

(...) on a social and creative level.“Open offices can improve innovation, intrapreneurship and casual(...)

Richard Bruton: One of the few Fine Gael TDs to hold his seat in the capital when the party experience its meltdown at the 2002 general election. Photograph: The Irish Times

Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton lost his general election selection(...)