The Salthouse: a craft-beer palace, 90 seconds from the bottom of Shop Street

(...) beers on tap and 150 in bottle, it’s a refuge for those tired of the same old tastes. There isn’t a(...)

(...). Then there’s that dal maharani. It’s a simple small bowl of black lentils cooked for what tastes like(...)

Perfect Friday-night food: so easy to prepare and it tastes great

(...) food: it’s so easy to prepare and it tastes great. It sounds like a melted mish-mash of comfort food(...)

Apple Music: Getting started seems easy but it can take a while to inform Apple exactly what music you like. Photograph: Yui Mok/PA Wire

(...) artists to give Apple Music a better idea of where your tastes lie. It’s time-consuming, but if you want(...)

Digital downloads are becoming less popular as consumers turn to streaming services such as Spotify

(...) your tastes lie. It’s time consuming, but if you want Apple to come up with the best recommendations(...)

(...) sweeping statements.   Tell us about the price of a cup of coffee and what it tastes like, or(...)

Subaru needs to make greater strides in the engine department. The  gearbox strains and bellows under full acceleration

(...). Much of it is simply down to local tastes, and VW’s lack of 4WD crossover models at the moment. Not(...)

(...). It turns out to be the same inoffensive colour as the walls, and tastes about as exciting. There(...)

A hit with the ladies: the late Tony Ryan. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

(...) partners. (He was quite a hit with the ladies.) Ryan is credited with inventing aircraft leasing; it(...)

According to ‘coffee philosopher’ Prof David Berman, above, the drink is a window to understanding your tastes. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Fifty Square, and he is not impressed. “It’s too milky for me,” he says as he lowers the frothy cup(...)