Claire Keegan: “I wanted to see if her stories still floored me, as they did when I first read them. They did. If anything, they’re even better than I thought. I recall what Anne Enright said in a Guardian review about Keegan’s stories being so ancient that the reader is ‘scrabbling for a timeline’.” Photograph: Alan Betson

Fields (Faber & Faber). Conscious that my tastes had changed and my reading had shifted, for the most(...)

Portrait of Alexander McQueen from Savage Beauty at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

It should have been a triumphant moment. It was a chill October evening in Paris, and Alexander(...)

(...) different. It doesn’t matter what she cooks for dinner, it all tastes of turpentine and she no longer(...)

Sharp, aggressive lines of Sway will become the styling template for the new Micra.

Nissan is throwing out the current oddball look for the Micra as it seeks to a bring the small(...)

(...) different on their plate. It was like ‘yo, hold on bro, this tastes strange.’ “I understood that but I(...)

Cee’d GT line has sporty bodykit plus new 1.0-litre petrol tubrbo and uprated 1.6 diesel.

(...) having a crack at a mid-size family estate to take on the likes of the Mondeo wagon and Passat estate. It(...)

Pinot Gris, more widely known by its Italian name Pinot Grigio, is one of the most popular grapes around

(...) the most popular grapes around. Possibly its most valuable trait for a wine retailer is that it tastes(...)

(...) simple orange and vanilla creme brûlée. Under a glass burnt sugar lid it tastes like a custard tart(...)

Research from Bord Bia on what people consider the country’s tastiest traditional meal shows two-thirds of Irish people would choose a dinner of bacon and cabbage, with three out of 10 people claiming to crave the dish while travelling abroad. File Photograph: David Sleator/The Irish Times

The Irish food industry may be undergoing a culinary revolution of tastes and flavours, yet the(...)

(...) thing about it is how freshly made it all tastes, with room-temperature toffee worth using a finger to(...)