(...) all the allure of cavity insulation. This one tastes like it came from a happy and active pig(...)

Farmer Serida Bodjisse with her baby Salvador Alberto and farmer Elisa Culewa in the soya bean field at Concern’s farmer field school in Domba, Manica province, Mozambique. Photograph: Mary Boland 1:09

(...) province offers up rich sustenance to those who know how to work it. Subsistence farmer Lianeva Candiado, a(...)

Tray chic: barista movements are soothingly ritualistic. Photograph: David Sleator

(...) when we taste it, it is genuinely better than any I have had before. It still tastes of coffee, which I(...)

Mark Pincus, the founder of Zynga is returning as chief executive.

(...) down and founder Mark Pincus will return to lead the company as it struggles to adapt to the changing(...)

Watch out: app developers have had to do a lot of re-imagining to cope with the Apple Watch’s small screen size. Photograph: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

(...) development kit was made available last November, and software-makers have been busy putting it to use(...)

(...) ceilings inside a dark grim room to reveal brick arches and vaulted roofspace. Now it houses what Luca(...)

Hiroko Masuhara and Koyuki Higashi hold a banner reading “Congrats on the same-sex partnership statute” after a Tokyo area recognised same-sex partnerships. Photograph: Kyodo/Reuters

(...) lobby, cheerily adorned with scenes from a porn movie, does it become clear that this is one of Asia(...)

It’s good to include fish in your diet and ease off on the meat when you can

(...) my own; it’s easy and tastes great. Mix 250g of mayonnaise with two tablespoons of lemon juice and(...)


(...) analogue board games. Listen to them going on about Pleistocene-era hair rock and food that actually tastes(...)

Thomas Dwan, IFA dairy chairman Seán O’Leary and Edmond Dwan, with the family herd near Thurles, Co Tipperary on the last day of milk quotas. Photograph: Finbarr O’Rourke

(...) 2020, and the dairy herd to increase by about 300,000 cows. It has also been estimated that at least 10(...)