The view of the East River from Mary Costello’s apartment in New York: “When I wake on Sunday morning will the Kimmage light enfold me or will I blink at the strangeness of the room, at some vague indefinable absence? Will there be a brief up-flow of images – the stretch of Madison where the sun dazzles in early morning, the rooftop view of the astro-pitch across the street and the East river in the distance? I might close my eyes for a second to recover again that tightly packed urban grid, those large emotional spaces to which I was, temporarily, given access”

(...) them all – the New York Review of Books, The Atlantic, Glimmer Train, The Yale Review, the New England(...)

(...), have grown up to lead an utterly conventional, decorous, upper-middle-class county-house life. The(...)

(...) am dying to see Cinderella. I expect the review will be identical. Then out of the blue I was(...)

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  • April 25, 2015, 01:01

(...)-founded publishing house in 2005, reflects this commitment to quality and innovation. Set in an unnamed Irish city in(...)

‘There is genuine horror at the stories emerging of migrants drowning in their hundreds, and the danger, as Pope Francis put it, of the Mediterranean becoming a vast cemetery.’ Above, rescued migrants  after disembarking from the Italian Navy vessel “Bettica” in the harbour of Augusta, this week.  Photograph: AP Photo/Carmelo Imbesi

(...) in a Garda raid on a cannabis grow house. She languished in prison because the Garda failed to(...)

(...) “uncles” with republican ties who come to the house in need of shelter, and a gun hidden in the dog kennel(...)

More Instagram followers than Tiger Woods: Tess Holliday, the size-24 model who features in Plus Sized Wars

(...) architect Declan O’Donnell – give points out of 10 for each house, but it’s unclear what they’re actually(...)

(...) merits such big themes as joy or imperialism. But Andersson’s beautifully contrarian house-style brings(...)

Dublin Airport arrivals are returning to peak levels. Similarly, Dublin Port traffic is back at the peak. A big rise in public transport trips since the crash also reflects a higher level of activity. Photograph: Artur Widak/PA Wire

A new economic review from the four local authorities in Dublin points to an advancing recovery(...)

Senator Elizabeth Warren: ‘No more secret deals. No more special deals for multinational corporations.’ Photograph: Yuri Gripas/Reuters

House. The president, a recent convert to free trade deals, believes the agreements would help the US(...)