Chloe Watkins: her goal gave Leinster side Hermes a 2-1 win over Cork Harlequins

(...), but unlike their Hockey League game which Hermes won 3-0, their cup contest was a tight affair. Chloe(...)

Railway Union’s Mark English (right): he was on the mark in the second half against Banbridge. Photograph: INPHO

Railway Union and YMCA made seismic waves in the Irish Senior Cup with the elimination of reigning champions Banbridge and higher-tiered Annada(...)

Dublin and Galway in action in  Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts. Photograph: CJ Gunther/EPA

(...)-based sport for comparison but hurling includes elements a native American would identify in lacrosse, ice-hockey(...)

Sunday Morning: Return to eternal summer inside the humid tropical forest of the Biod™me, a glass-roofed nature preserve containing multiple ecosystems. You might glimpse iguanas, frogs, bats, snakes, sloths and other exotic creatures as you wend your way among the dense vegetation, streams and stone caverns. Photograph: Robert Wright / The New York Times
Weekend in . . . Montreal
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  • November 28, 2015, 04:00

(...) hometown Canadiens hockey team and ingesting hearty meals in the new wave of forest-like and lodge(...)

Johnny Caren, assistant coach to the Irish men’s team, is in charge of Monkstown this season

(...), in recent weeks, are looking towards the next phase of the EY National Hockey League with enthusiasm(...)

Ireland’s captain Niamh Briggs: “Every single occasion that I get to stand there and listen to the national anthem is one that I cherish.” Photograph: Dan Sheridan/Inpho

(...)/basketball/soccer] and Jeamie Deacon [hockey] have come from other sports, but what they lack in rugby experience they(...)

All-Ireland soccer anthem?

(...) the same way as other sports such as rugby, hockey and cricket have been. It is a proposal which(...)

Players from both sides tussle during the game at Fenway Park. Photo: Ray McManus/Sportsfile

(...) like ice hockey and baseball. “This is a contest and teams prepare for it as they would an inter(...)

“My first week of training, I wept in front of my coach as I pounded joylessly on the elliptical trainer.” Photograph: Thinkstock

(...) the hockey pitch were doled out liberally for disciplinary infractions (and there were plenty). Little(...)

All-Ireland soccer team

(...) rugby, hockey and cricket? I remember in 1973 the enormous enjoyment given by an all-Ireland team that(...)