The GPO in Dublin. ‘The 1916 Rising arose out of a long process, with cultural elements as its beginning. The idea of a republic has long been within the Irish nation.’ Photograph: Alan Betson

(...)/concepts such as home, heritage, history, relationships – a culture. The Irish nation’s homeland is the island(...)

Seán MacEntee, minister for finance and chair of the 1934 Banking Commission

Eighty years ago, on November 23rd, 1934, a group of 21 men met together in Dublin. The group included a bishop, university professors, trade union of(...)

Ambulance log book to go on display tomorrow, is probably the first written record of the events of the 1916  Easter Rising, compiled as they happened.

A log book kept by the Dublin Fire Brigade’s ambulance service during the 1916 Easter Rising has been bought at auction by the city council and will g(...)

Art historians Rachel Moss (left) and Catherine Marshall. Photograph: Eric Luke

(...) college to become architectural adviser in the Department of Arts and Heritage. She had Cystic Fibrosis(...)

(...)’s cultural heritage council, warned that with a funding crisis threatening other monuments, the arena’s floor(...)

President Eamon de Valera reviews a Guard of Honour outside the General Post Office in Dublin, on the 50th anniversary of the Easter Rising, in April 1966. Photograph: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Justice and Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Aodhán Ó Riordáin, who will have some input into the(...)

William Dargan:  a man of exceptional ability and endless energy

Unless it’s in a dictatorship, it’s very unusual for a statue to be erected to someone still living. Indeed, when it happens in this part of the globe(...)

Irish heritage homespuns in natural fibres like linen and wool, Kitty was devoted, like her mother, to(...)

Santa was on hand at the opening of Winterval Christmas festival in Waterford on Friday

(...) sculptures will be wonderfully unique and will capture the festive season and the heritage of Waterford(...)

A Garda driver fixing the Tricolour to the presidential car. Photograph: Frank Miller

(...)2011: €168,0832012: €220,4692013: €215,514Total: €604,066Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht2011: €140(...)