No musical instrument has ever had to carry so much baggage, surely, as the Irish harp. It has been the symbol both of Ireland under English rule and (...)

The historic Bank of Ireland branch on College Green, Dublin. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

College. The work will pave the way for a cultural and heritage centre that will be provided to the State(...)

Left, from top, Hottentot fig and a large Asian hornet. Middle, a Siberian chipmunk. Right, from top, a zebra mussel and an American mink. Photographs: Thinkstock

(...) of 2015,” she says. According to the Department of Heritage, the delay in bringing section 50 into(...)

The battering of the west coast last winter and this winter’s tides have exposed many artefacts. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

(...) coastal heritage from being lost to winter storms and climate change.Recent discoveries of Spanish Armada(...)

A group of Irish men from Garryowen, Co Limerick, members of the British army,  at the Giessen POW camp during the first World War.

Thousands of Irishmen were taken prisoner by the German army in the first World War and housed in prisoner-of-war camps in Germany. It is estimated th(...)

Piyanuch Chanphet as Piano Girl at the launch of the St Patrick’s festival culture programme,  I Love My City, in Dublin. Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Heather Humphreys on Wednesday.Comprising 18 events across the capital(...)

David C Broderick: tragic death had a   galvanising  effect on the debate in  California on attitudes to slavery

The history of the Irish in San Francisco is woven into the fabric of the city – by the many streets named after its founding figures. Thousands of I(...)

The new Volkswagen Passat at the 85th International Motor Show in Geneva. Photograph: Arnd Wiegmann/Reuters

Citroen has created a car that evokes its strong design heritage with a modern look. In the midst of(...)

Novelist Elizabeth Bowen in the garden of Bowen’s Court, Kildorrey, Co Cork: “Irish by birth and thereafter by heritage and occasional inclination.” Photograph: Hulton Archive/ Getty Images

(...) writing about my daughter. So: next in line, Elizabeth Bowen, Irish by birth and thereafter by heritage(...)

“In the end, it was partly Ishbel’s activism and meddling that was her – and her husband’s – undoing.”

In a commemorative decade where public attention is mostly trained on events of large-scale and major historical significance, it’s hardly surprising (...)