John Redmond MP: made a special appeal for the sons of farmers to enlist

February 10th, 1916 The London Irish Rifles, now known as “the Footballers of Loos”, The Irish Times reports, want more men “to complete the establis(...)

The Irish Times Debate 1916 Centenary Competition launch in partnership with Ireland 2016 2:06

Heather Humphreys, Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, launched The Irish Times Debate(...)

Commemorative plaque at 16 Moore Street where republicans decided to surrender towards the end of the 1916 Rising. Photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

(...), brought by Colm Moore, a nominee of the 1916 Relatives Association against the Minister for Arts, Heritage(...)

Fisherman John O’Brien speaks at the European Parliament. Photograph: Loic Jourdain

(...)’s recommendations advises the Government to consider issuing “heritage licences” which would allow for traditional(...)

Remembering Henry O’Neill

(...) the 19th century to make Ireland aware of the European status of its artistic and monumental heritage(...)

Con Colbert: watched by the police in February 1916

February 9th, 1916 Dublin Metropolitan Police report: “I beg to report that on the 9th Inst., the undermentioned extremists were observed moving ab(...)

(...) always curious about my heritage and culture. My mother and father, who met here in Ireland, came to the(...)

Irish Volunteers during a training drill. Photograph: Defence Forces Military Archives

February 8th, 1916 “The Irish [Sinn Féin] volunteers were active on Saturday night in Dublin,” The Irish Times reports. “About 11 o’clock a large n(...)

Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness: “Everybody has to be very conscious of the great importance of these anniversaries . . . We need to be very dignified and very respectful.”  Photograph: Alan Betson

Sinn Fein is currently examining how best to commemorate those who died in the First World War and deserve to be remembered for the sacrifice they mad(...)

Papers dealing with the State’s response to the outbreak of violence in the North in 1969:  by investing in a digital archive, State departments will be able to transfer emails, business files, digital images and other electronic records to the National Archives. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

(...) digital heritage. This institution, the precious repository of this nation, deserves to be supported in(...)