Irish ballerina Therese Schweppe, who runs a ballet school in London called Regal Ballet, with some of her pupils at St Christina’s School in St John’s Wood, North London.  Photograph: Joanne O’Brien

(...) continues. Schweppe’s love-affair with ballet began early when she was living in Howth. “I really wanted to(...)

Research into the global impact of biophilic design in the workplace found employees who work in environments with natural elements incorporated into them reported significant increases in wellbeing, productivity and creativity

(...), increasingly, progressive firms are going further and introducing living walls, green roofs, interior(...)

 Dolores Atwood, with her husband Chris (left) and RTÉ’s Kevin Bakhurst (right), speaking to the media on leaving the Four Courts on Thursday, July 2nd, 2015,  after the announcement of a settlement in a High Court action for damages taken by former Archbishop of Benin, Richard Burke. Photograph:  Collins Courts 0:39

(...) missionary Kiltegan Fathers at 17 has been described in correspondence as a vulnerable man, living alone(...)

Before it all started to go horribly wrong in Vault 774

(...) living quarters, they start to drop cheesy chat up lines, and within minutes, the woman emerges heavily(...)

(...) other places (poorer countries) to experience healthy growth. This is probably essential as we cannot(...)

James Salter at home in Bridgehampton, New York, in 1999: “Life passes into pages if it passes into anything.” Photograph: Chester Higgins Jr/The New York Times

(...) wrote in Burning Days. It was “a great voyage,” he wrote, “the voyage, probably, of my life.” Living in(...)

 People taking part in a celebration of International Day of Yoga , at St Anne’s Park, Clontarf, Co Dublin. The event was organised by The Embassy of India and Yoga institutes, with a demonstration by trained yoga teachers. Photograph: Eric Luke 1:11

Yoga enthusiasts practised their poses in St Anne’s Park, Clontarf, this afternoon to mark the International Yoga Day. About 400 people gathered for (...)

Dara Whelan: ‘I bear a close physical resemblance to my father - so much so that I’ve even been mistaken for him from a distance, on the phone, and unfortunately, dancing.’

(...) gratitude. I know I have missed spending time with him by living away from Ireland for so long, but if I had(...)

In its latest version, Amin Rigi’s robotic lifeguard can convert itself into a hovercraft and bring a potential victim back to the shore.

(...) comparison, dolphins can reach a healthy 64km/h. The top speed of Michael Phelps, the record-breaking Olympic(...)

‘As a bereaved parent, my thoughts were first for these young people’s mums and dads, brothers and sisters as they start their tough journey through the intense grief and loss. Our thoughts are still with them.’ Above, one of  many messages and bouquets of flowers left near the scene of the fourth-floor balcony collapse  in Berkeley, California. EPA/PETER DASILVA

(...) children bury their elderly parents who have lived a long and healthy life. The sudden tragic deaths of(...)