Outdoor inspiration: painter applies himself to his art

(...), they went to New Ross; Tuesday to Wells House and gardens, Gorey; on Wednesday to Kilmore Quay(...)

Bumble bee feeding from a cosmos flower. Photograph: Richard Johnston

Bad days, we all have them. Something happens, and suddenly you find yourself briefly but uncomfortably at odds with the world. I was having such a(...)

(...)-course meal using vegetables from the gardens of the house. Broghna Wilkinson did the bouquets and flower(...)

Emily Arthurs and Ross Clark met  in 2012 at a mutual friend’s 30th birthday party on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. Photographs: John Burke

(...) – piped everyone along Botanic Road to the gates of the National Botanic Gardens were photos were taken(...)

An old Irish goat: you can learn about conserving the last ones during heritage week. Illustration: Michael Viney

(...) what we are. Shipwrecks, country gardens and inland waterways have all risen in esteem since a survey(...)

Recovering: Aoife Beary, who is still being treated at Santa Clara Valley Medical Centre, Clodagh Cogley, who is back in Ireland, and Niall Murray and Hannah Waters, who are also both still at the Santa Clara centre

Gardens apartment building, at 2020 Kittredge Street, wasn’t particularly lively. It was, after all, a(...)

Fearghal McKee, lead singer of Whipping Boy at Feile. Photograph: Frank Miller / The Irish Times

(...) something. People had set up stalls in their front gardens, selling bowls of cornflakes, cups of tea and(...)


(...) created Grey Gardens and Salesman, two of American cinema’s quintessential masterpieces. By comparison(...)

The Library Gardens Apartments in Berkeley, California, before the balcony collapse which killed five Irish J-1 students and one Irish-American student. Photograph: Google Maps

Undated photographs of the Library Gardens apartment complex on Google Earth, taken well before the(...)

Founding members of Dún Laoghaire Rathdown (DLR) Nature for Health group, Diarmuid McAree, forest consultant, Shirley Gleeson, social worker, and Donal O’Keeffe, research psychologist. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

(...) also exist in Ireland. The growth of community gardens and allotments is one example of our desire to(...)