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(...) there are gadgets that allow you to control your lights and their hue. Slow cookers, heaters, CCTV(...)

Garmin: It seems there is life in the stand-alone sat-nav yet with some innovations at a relatively affordable price point (€133-€400)

(...) systems in their machines. The technology in the compact and ergonomically pleasing gadgets has advanced(...)

(...)-friendly gadgets for travellers and the outdoors life. The PowerLight Mini is a slim, rechargeable lamp about the(...)

Authors Colin Byrne and Karl McCullagh at Royal Dublin yesterday with Irish Times sports editor Malachy Logan for the launch of The Little White Ball. Photograph: Dave Meehan

(...) over. “On tour, you see so many clipboard holders and gadgets, and shafts in clubs are changing every(...)

Kieran Hannon: One of the top 100 chief marketing officers in the world

(...) early 2013, and then through WeMo, a branded suite of home automation gadgets that enable users to(...)

Andrew Rudd is fast becoming a name synonymous with party planning and sumptuous supper clubs, so he is of course worth a visit

(...) (Sunday, 3pm) if you want to get the lowdown on kitchen design and gadgets. “Working on a commercial(...)

Fionnuala McCormack,  winner of the Women’s Spar Great Ireland Run, crossing the finishing line in the Phoenix Park.  Photograph: Donall Farmer/Inpho

(...) gadgets when I was training at my peak, because I know it would have become an obsession with me, to hit(...)

Wasn’t email supposed to make communication effortless and more efficient?

(...) no backward glances when I got rid of all the cups, plates, saucepans and gadgets that I didn’t use(...)

Starting a long distance event too fast can cost runners dearly in the second half. Photograph: EPA

(...). Keeping track From heart rate monitors to fancy watches, there is no end of gadgets to record and(...)

Flight of the drone: a conference presentation by Liam Murphy of Coastway Surveys showed how unmanned small aircraft explore ecosystems using multi-spectral cameras and sensors

(...) ascribe this decline to an obsession with computer modelling and ever- fancier gadgets. However, most of(...)