Taga Bike-Stroller

Taga Bike-Stroller Based on the workhorse Dutch cargo bike, Taga has reimagined it with a child buggy seat up front. Moreover, as well as foldin(...)

(...) gadgets hidden out of sight. Featuring Smeg appliances and marble flooring, the centrepiece is a large(...)

There is a reason supermarkets are designed they way they are. The longer the aisles, the more we spend. Photograph: Getty Images

(...) the checkout you will see glossy magazines and gadgets and all sorts of other things that are(...)

Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder can take up to 15 items, with a fold-over winged design and a handle for easy access

Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder Hard core luggage warriors will tell you that rolling is the key to über efficient packing. Roll everything tightly (...)

Emma Howlin with son, Ed, and baby daughter, Sadie, with some of their baby stuff at  home in Ashtown, Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

(...) kettle and microwave safely, rather than going for fancy warming and sterilisation gadgets. Simple(...)

Tattoo trouble for the Apple Watch 1:10

Early adopters of the Apple Watch, Apple Inc's first new product in five years, are complaining that a number of its key functions are disrupted by th(...)

(...) for the most part, though some flaws emerge. Some gadgets are unreliable (throwing knives seem only to(...)

Natasha Dow Schull wears the Muse headband, which monitors brain waves. photograph: kayana szymczak/the new york times

(...) real estate to wearable wellness gadgets, Schull has noticed another trend: devices whose function is(...)

Silicon chip: its monopoly in the computer-chip industry may be in decline as increases in chip speed slow further

(...) gadgets,” he says. “But it’s slowing down.” Currently, transistor density is still rising rapidly but the(...)