Fitbit’s Flex is  an “electronic coach”. The firm offers bracelets and clip-on devices which monitor your physical activity, especially steps taken, pace and heart rate. Photograph: Josep Lago/AFP/Getty

(...) wearable electronic gadgets will be about 47 million units worldwide this year, and are growing rapidly as(...)

Eye on you: 1990s European regulations on data protection predate much of the far more sophisticated technology in common use today.

(...) web email accounts or simply allow their gadgets to “talk” to each other and share data. Until not so(...)

Taking part in a workout outside  the New York Stock Exchange  after Fitbit’s  IPO in New York earlier this month.  “It is a dismal sort of status symbol that says ‘I am up to date, I am fit’ and is an invitation to people with bare wrists to feel out of date and out of shape.” Photograph: Michael Nagle/Bloomberg

(...) and other gadgets that faithfully record every step taken by their owners. At the end of the meeting I(...)

The Dark Knight rises... in Galway 1:34

(...) its creation of ‘cosplay’ gear has produced a 3D printed batman costume which includes gadgets such as(...)

Margaret Burke: “I’ll generally ask for a discount, especially if I’m buying more than one item”

(...) books, gadgets, gifts, bookings, and deal offers like meals. Otherwise, online is for browsing, and then(...)

Sticky, tasty rotisserie chicken from Poulet Bonne Femme - perfect for summer picnics

(...) the extensive collection of tongs, forks, gizmos and gadgets, there’s nowhere to hide. It costs €60(...)

Reading, writing, robots: children learn to write by teaching robots 1:58

By teaching a robot how to write letters, children can improve their own handwriting skills and gain better self-confidence, according to researchers (...)

‘The 1998 study by Andrew Wakefield [above] and others that linked autism to the MMR vaccine has been comprehensively debunked by now’. Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

(...) shortage of items, for example electronic gadgets, whose use increased over the same time that ASD(...)

(...) still a little off, you can get quite a bit of high-tech gadgets in your dash these days. Take the Audi(...)

‘Our first instinct when confronted with anything out of the ordinary is to take out our phone and create a small, 2D, digital representation. The default way, as a tourist, to experience iconic buildings and sights is to take a photo. Doing so has become more important that actually experiencing it directly.’  Photograph: Getty Images

(...) platform for display. We are seduced by slick gadgets and the validation of others. Yet there is more to(...)