Amazon launched a new platform on Tuesday that will help startups advertise and distribute their products directly to millions of Amazon customers. (Photograph: Eduardo Munoz/Reuters)

(...) gadgets, but it is also an area fraught with challenges. Entrepreneurs can attract massive interest in a(...)

The latest must-have travel gadgets, including Microsoft’s Universal Foldable Keyboard, a hand(...)

(...) three 17 to 34-year-olds admitted to having cybersex, while 29 per cent of respondents thought tech-gadgets(...)

Apple told the world it had not sold as many iPhones as expected and investors had a hissyfit, with  $60 billion being wiped off its value

Chinese, suffering from their own stock market woes, failed to buy as many gadgets as hoped for. Alan(...)

Houseware and furniture in the lead as retail sector continues to increase sales, says survey

(...) appliances such as food preparation gadgets and irons grew by 16 per cent over the quarter. David Fitzsimons(...)

Whatever your exercise routine, a multibillion euro industry wants to accompany you. Photograph: Getty

(...) in the form of gadgets strapped to limbs, or apps on smartphones. They are designed to track, monitor(...)

Fitbit’s Flex is  an “electronic coach”. The firm offers bracelets and clip-on devices which monitor your physical activity, especially steps taken, pace and heart rate. Photograph: Josep Lago/AFP/Getty

(...) wearable electronic gadgets will be about 47 million units worldwide this year, and are growing rapidly as(...)

Eye on you: 1990s European regulations on data protection predate much of the far more sophisticated technology in common use today.

(...) web email accounts or simply allow their gadgets to “talk” to each other and share data. Until not so(...)

Taking part in a workout outside  the New York Stock Exchange  after Fitbit’s  IPO in New York earlier this month.  “It is a dismal sort of status symbol that says ‘I am up to date, I am fit’ and is an invitation to people with bare wrists to feel out of date and out of shape.” Photograph: Michael Nagle/Bloomberg

(...) and other gadgets that faithfully record every step taken by their owners. At the end of the meeting I(...)

The Dark Knight rises... in Galway 1:34

(...) its creation of ‘cosplay’ gear has produced a 3D printed batman costume which includes gadgets such as(...)