(...) devices mean there’s a growing sub-industry of off-grid recharging gadgets, from battery cases to solar or(...)

John McHale: The role which the Fiscal Advisory Council has played is akin to that which the independent Referendum Commissions played in recent referendum campaigns.Photographer: Dara Mac Dónaill / THE IRISH TIMES

(...) holidays or, worse still, promising the kids new gadgets or other goodies. Prudent wife Meanwhile, McHale(...)

Sound and fury: why have we surrendered our right not to have to listen to muzak in shopping centres, restaurants and other public places? Photograph: iStockphoto

(...)’re further compromised by so-called “bedside entertainment systems” (BES). Since the mid-1990s these gadgets(...)

Mobile phones and cars

(...) gadgets in cars, rather than a focus toward being aware of the task at hand. To quote Jim Morrison(...)

“Most younger people have learnt that there is no such thing as a private joke on email; only idiotic old people persist.”

(...) characteristics – entitlement, gadgets, laziness. My generation is entitled, loves gadgets and is lazy, too, but(...)

Edwin the Duck: smarter than your average rubber duck.

Gadgets aimed at families and children are becoming ever more popular at CES, and this year was no(...)

Owlet baby monitor.

Gadgets range from practical to the weird and wonderful (...)

The EHang 184: designed for one person, the drone will allow you to set your destination through a smartphone app. Photograph: John Locher/AP Photo

EHang 184 Forget your toy drone. The EHang 184 is the new kid on the block and it’s got one unique selling point: it can carry you around. Designed (...)

Marty Rea as Richard II and Gavin Drea Aumerle in DruidShakespeare. Photograph:  Matthew Thompson

(...) that people relate better to their gadgets than to each other, this innovative depiction of computer(...)

Gadgets, cables, passports, chargers, and toiletries can all find a home.

(...). Gadgets, cables, passports, chargers, and toiletries can all find a home. €20 upwards at apple.com and(...)