Banter at The Big Grill

Times), Aoife McElwain (Forkful) and guests talking turkey (and beef, pork and chicken) about food(...)

The cost of sending a child to secondary school has climbed by more than five times the rate of general inflation and is now just under €800, according to a survey to be published by Barnardos on Tuesday.  Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times.

(...) essential bills, drastically reduce spending on food and very many are forced to borrow heavily and get into(...)

A group of Strabane farmers turned up at their local Asda store and cleared all the milk supply off the shelves after the supermarket advertised its own brand milk at 45 pence per pint. Photograph: Getty Images

(...) caught in a “perfect storm”, with the weak euro, the Russian import ban on certain agricultural and food(...)

(...) roof over their heads and food on the table? All of this has been gathering pace for a long time, of(...)

According to Bird Watch Ireland, gulls are useful scavengers and provide a service to towns and cities. Photograph: Thinkstock

(...) phones and grabbing food from tables and hands. Senator Denis O’Donovan wants a debate on these “vicious(...)

(...) extreme weather events that cause illness and death. They are at risk of food and water-borne diseases(...)

 The financial district of Pudong in Shanghai: officials from the city travelled to Ireland as part of China’s Senior Officials Training Programme. Photograph: Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images

(...) agriculture, electronics, commerce and foreign affairs as well as a representative from the Food and Drug(...)

 Flood-affected victims  at a makeshift shelter in Prafulla Nagar, some 120km north of Calcutta, India.  Photograph: Piyal Adhikary/EPA

(...) sheets and dry food rations have been dispatched to survivors, one official said. Television pictures(...)

Bring a frisbee to the park, and get your exercise while entertaining the kids. Photograph: Thinkstock

(...)!t Together and Cut the Crap. Her new ebook, The Grit Doctor’s Summer Food and Fitness Plan, is available to(...)

Impression of the sub-sea observatory at the Galway Bay test site, connected back to shore by a cable which has already been installed. Photograph: SmartBay

(...).2 million. Funding The Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine contributed €600,000 last year, and(...)