A pig making an effort. Happy April fool’s day.

(...) time would still have considered spaghetti an exotic food, that spaghetti harvesters around Europe(...)

Protesters march under an Icelandic and EU flag on Austurvoellur square, across from the Icelandic parliament, in Reykjavik earlier this month, after the government announced plans to withdraw the country’s application for EU membership. Photograph: Anton Brink/EPA

(...) on food was increased from 7 per cent to 11 per cent, while duty on higher value-added products was(...)

Aryzta chief executive Owen Killian regularly admits to being haunted by the idea of becoming irrelevant.Photograph:Cyril Byrne

Is Ireland’s humble ready-meal about to get a French makeover? Swiss-Irish food giant Aryzta is in(...)

Investors were today booking profits on car stocks, the sector which has risen the most since the start of the year. BMW fell 1.3 per cent. Photograph: Michaela Rehle/Reuters

(...) stake in French food business Picard for €446.6million, a deal which one Dublin analyst said the market(...)

Badger culls have been used to try to stop the spread of TB, but this method of disease control has been criticised by animal welfare groups, particularly in the UK. File photograph: Getty Images

(...) vaccine to badgers in their food, “but that is harder than it sounds, given that dominant male badgers(...)

David O’Loughlin has been found guilty of the murder of  Liam Manley (59)  at the Garden City Apartments on North Main Street in Cork city in 2013. Photograph: Michael MacSweeney/Cork Courts.

(...) not know. He gave him some food and brought him back to his apartment because he empathised with him(...)

Deal values Tullamore-based Carroll Cuisine at €40 million.

Kieran Carolan, acquire Swiss-Irish food giant Aryzta’s stake in the business.Under the terms of the deal(...)

(...) much every industry from food to fashion would be completely upturned. 27. Alicia Keys quoted Nietzsche(...)

Babies with limited nutrition in the womb can suffer if, after birth, they are overnourished. Photograph: Thinkstock

(...) decades. She recently presented a talk to the Irish Food Writers’ Guild entitled “You are what your mother(...)

Aryzta chief executive officer Owen Killian said Picard was an ideal replacement for the group’s Origin holding. Photograph: Cyril Byrne / The Irish Times

Swiss-Irish food group Aryzta has entered into exclusive negotiations for a strategic investment(...)