The Blue Lagoon: ‘There can be no more surreal way to arrive in a country than to almost immediately immerse yourself in opaque turquoise waters surrounded by moss-covered lava fields.’ Photograph: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images

(...). Unusually for a developed country, there is hardly any public advertising, there are no international fast-food(...)

The Keenan Systems mixer. The company develops feeding machines, which are used by thousands of farmers from Canada to China, to give their livestock the optimal mix of food. The machines are connected to the cloud allowing for a real-time feed of information

(...) to China, to give their livestock the optimal mix of food. The machines are connected to the cloud(...)

Ryan Pandya (left) and Perumal Gandhi of US-based company Muufri which has discovered a way to produce animal-free milk

(...) the dairy industry,” says Dr Mark Fenelon, head of food research with Teagasc. Nutritional value In(...)

Dr Bruce Campbell says Ireland has “a major challenge” in relation to greenhouse gas emissions because a large proportion of the total emissions comes from agriculture. The agriculture sector accounts for nearly one third of overall Irish greenhouse gas emissions.

Ireland should become a global leader in encouraging countries to produce more food in a(...)

Homeless families

(...). Families unable to have hot food in their rooms and no place locally to have a meal that they can afford(...)

In Armenia’s Caucasus Wildlife Reserve, warden Gor Hovhannisyan and guide Vahagn Vardumyan check a camera trap. Photograph: Daniel McLaughlin

(...) even rabbits, then there will be less food for the wolf and bear and lynx. And then they are more(...)

Lone Star’s acquisition of Jurys Inns Group for €911 million was among the biggest first-quarter deals. Photograph: Alan Betson

(...), with 16, followed by IT and telecoms (15) and food and food service (10). In value terms, the €136(...)

(...) of short films on a whole range of topics – such as innovative solutions to food scarcity, urban(...)

“The Pashley PDQ is a lot more comfortable than conventional diamond-framed bikes,” says Andrew Robinson.  Photograph: Eric Luke

Morocco. The Berber people were so generous, always offering a bed and food. The women seemed to get a(...)

(...) on food and lodging from July 1st as the government scrambles for ways to fend off bankruptcy– a(...)