Pitch for disaster-themed TV show: When Actors Makes Directorial Debuts. Too often, the thespians concerned get out the Klaxons for My Big Issue- D(...)

(...) film on a workaday mission to get the shots and fill the screen time while showing the hotel in a PR(...)

(...) aside, this deserving winner of Best Irish First Feature at the 2015 Galway Film Fleadh has plenty to(...)

Daft Punk. Arguably the film’s most magical moment comes when those gentlemen step up to the decks to(...)

(...) of the group, Julien Temple returns with a film that originally set out to offer a memorial to the(...)

Political pugilists: William F Buckey and Gore Vidal during one of the 1968 TV debates.

Morgan Neville and Robert Gordon’s documentary on a famous rivalry may not be the best film of(...)

(...) the most recognisably Field Music-like to fans. Watching it with the film is undoubtedly more(...)


(...) emotions. The same bittersweet regrets that fuelled the last Toy Story film surge through its boldly(...)

(...) the person who played it for the film, a woman called Eileen Joyce. Largely forgotten now, she was one(...)

Sarah Davis-Goff, right, with Lisa Coen, her fellow founder of Tramp Press: “My own experiences of sexism in publishing are just a subtle above-water middle finger, belying the massive iceberg beneath. There is a serious gender issue in publishing.” Photograph: Norah Ward

(...) reviewed in major publications (including the Times Literary Supplement, the New Yorker, The Paris Review(...)