(...) delayed dig. Anyway, as I file this blog post, the film has yet to score a single positive review on(...)

Beat generation: William Burroughs in the 1950s. Photograph: Everett/Rex Shutterstock

(...) you have taped your parrot?” he wrote to Paul Bowles, the writer.) In 1967, having sold the film(...)

(...), an established film and theatre composer and Meteor Award nominee for his 2008 album The Hare(...)

Charismatic: Bryan Santamaria in Gente de Bien

(...) divisions. It’s a shame that the film can’t settle on a story. For a while it looks as if, in imitation of(...)

“A mask of angst”: Mads Mikkelsen in The Salvation

Dead, arguably the bleakest film to have emerged from the Dogme ’95 imprint. The performances are(...)

(...)-genre that was film noir would surely never have gripped so tightly. Robert Siodmak does not have the marquee(...)

If “incredible true story” is in the title, then it better be something good. Happily, director Louise Ormond is working around a classic sporting (...)

Sam Eastland: “the book that most influenced the Inspector Pekkala series is  The Ochrana by AT Vassileyev, the last serving commander of the Tsar’s secret police in Petrograd and he wrote about his experiences while in exile in Paris”

(...) used to feel physically sick if I got a bad review. On the other hand, if I got a good review, the most(...)


(...), Daniel Espinosa’s film hangs around a tantalising snippet of Soviet history. It seems that, during the(...)

Jack Reynor: “an ever more striking screen presence”. 9:06

(...) acclaim in 2013, addressed economic hardship in rural Ireland. Glassland, a winner at the Galway Film(...)