“We’re obviously aware of what’s at stake. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work it out,” says England coach Stuart Lancaster of his side’s World Cup clash with Australia. Henry Browne/Reuters

(...) last time Lancaster changed up his day he decided to see a film. The England coach went to see the(...)

Belinda McKeon in the Stag’s Head pub, Dublin. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

(...) of things, the daughter of an Italian film director hires a Filipino mystery writer to be her(...)

Clean Break: Aidan McArdle, Kelly Thornton and Adam Fergus

(...) in the film, in Dubrovnik, another billionaire is presented by the city’s mayor as some sort of(...)

At play: Brian Friel at the first rehearsal for Dancing at Lughnasa, in March 1990. Photograph: Frank Miller 2:04

(...). Seamus Kelly of The Irish Times ended his review with the question, “Your point, Mr Friel – your point(...)

Retired widower Ben (De Niro) signs up for a community outreach initiative and becomes an “unlikely” intern at online fashion empire, About the Fit(...)

You couldn’t have told a story like 99 Homes at any other point in the past 100 years. Michael Shannon, all malevolent charisma and cynical intelli(...)

(...) might account for the film’s dreadful Euro-pudding aftertaste: here is a film where every line of(...)

(...) obstacles. And Alice’s journey, compared to say, Frodo’s, is rather uneventful. An impressive first film(...)

The Scottish Play too rarely becomes the Scottish Film. Relatively brief, full of violence and(...)

Iain Sinclair (in a goat mask) and Toby Jones in Andrew Kötting’s By Our Selves

(...) learn that some of that audio is drawn from a BBC Omnibus film on Clare from 1970. Isn’t that(...)