Barmy: British experts in Afghanistan, such as Alexander Burnes (centre), were overruled by superiors in London. Photograph: Ann Ronan Pictures/Print Collector/Getty

(...) adventures. Ben Anderson is a film-maker whose documentaries on Afghanistan include This Is What(...)

There is much about this Young-Adult weepie that seems designed to kick up fury and disgust in any right-thinking adult. In a scenario purpose-built f(...)

Reichardt. Since the critical success of Old Joy in 2006, the American film-maker has perfected a line in(...)

(...)’d never miss an Antipodean film? Mystery Road seems to have time-travelled from those halcyon days right(...)

(...) but, in fact, the best jokes turn up in the closing outtakes reel, which hints at the funnier film(...)

(...) affecting and easy to cheer for. Pitobash Tripathy’s comic sidekick steals the film from under his better(...)

(...) have no option. There are many reasons to hate this throwaway horror film, but there are few more(...)

(...) first true horror film (though Georges Méliès’s more macabre work surely qualifies) or as the most(...)

(...) and somebody out of John Carter, then you need search no longer. Adapted from a French-Canadian film(...)

Stern (the wonderful Jenny Slate), the film’s jobless, broke heroine, such a decision requires a little(...)