A float depicting Silvio Berlusconi entitled The Banana Republic, at the traditional Viareggio Carnival parade, in 2001. Photograph: AP Photo/Riccardo Dalle Luche

(...) (“the little envelope”), as well its football, film and food fads. Like many British expatriates, he is(...)

Shake, rattle and roll: Dwayne Johnson and Carla Gugino fail to patch things up in San Andreas

(...) have said. That philosophy applies very nicely to the modern disaster movie. No other film released(...)

Identikit: Nicola, Dylan, Sean, George, India, Jade . . . or is that Jade, India?

(...) called India, another Jade. Dylan, an author and film-maker, wants to make a web series about hipsters(...)


(...)-view mirror car-chases not unlike those in a similarly titled film by William Friedkin, and just when you(...)

(...) laughs from beyond the grave – one of the film’s many spirit world excursions – when he vows to avenge(...)

You wouldn’t expect anything so conventional and bourgeois as a “message” from a film by Andrew(...)

(...)’s plausible that the hero could pick up the wrong girl on a blind date? Later – ‘twas ever thus – the film(...)

Louise O’Neill: Niamh was passionate about the book, she wrote me this beautiful letter about why she wanted to work on this book and how she felt that she could help me fulfil the book’s potential. She seemed to truly understood what I was trying to achieve. Most of all, I just liked her as a person – I thought she was funny and interesting. Photograph: Miki Barlok

(...) review from Publishers Weekly, which I believe is a really big deal. With the adult edition coming out in(...)

Tuaregs of Timbuktu: Toulou Kiki, Ibrahim Ahmed and Layla Walet Mohamed

(...) who decreed that underpants now be worn on the outside. It is part of this film’s singular power that(...)

Less frenzied energies: Al Pacino in 'Danny Collins' 10:05

The first thing one asks when approaching any Al Pacino project is whether the director has managed to sit upon the great man. Al still has it in h(...)