We are the only organ in the country that provides reviews of every film up for the Palm d(...)

(...), 113 min It is surprisingly rare that the Scottish Play becomes the Scottish Film. Relatively brief(...)

(...) a film about the terrible, terrible trials of being a film-maker. Then again, without such films, we(...)

(...) who (a coincidence, I’m sure) returns in this cooler, problematic film concerning the politics(...)

(...) regret. What an awful shame they are not in a better film. Even their greatest fans would admit that(...)

Three’s company: Karl Glusman, Aomi Muyock and Klara Kristin in Love

(...) explicit film “boring”. You know how it goes. Oh, you would say that, wouldn’t you? Whereas 50 Shades of(...)

Blood dimple: Sheila Vand in A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

(...) simplifications. The film is probably an American independent picture. It certainly seems to be set in a version(...)

(...) only upstanding member of her community, White Dog’s examination of racism saw the film shelved from(...)

(...) and the Comet Chase, a film characterised by rather unsophisticated 3D and Moomin-fan Björk on the(...)

Inner torment: Shu Qi in The Assassin

(...)-looking film in the Cannes competition - finds two characters having a conversation over a yawning ravine. The(...)