PopLives #81: Evan Webber

(...) metafictional books about how to be okay with being alive. Last film you saw and your verdict? A Netflix(...)

Photograph: Philippe Merle/AFP/Getty

(...), the third book in the series and Ellroy’s best-known work, due in part to Curtis Hanson’s film(...)

Photograph: Jimmy Fullam

(...)-story frame may be too tight for this narrative, which is more feature film than snapshot. The predominantly(...)

Review: Lurky! Lurky!

Lurky! Lurky!Samuel Beckett Theatre***Flagged as a “choreographed live edited dance film”, Emma(...)

(...) genocide appears to take place. Nobody will mistake the film for My Little Pony.It shouldn’t need to be(...)

A film about the gay community’s support for strikers during the 1984 UK miners’ dispute sounds(...)

(...) structure, nature and psychology of organisation. A scientific film-maker, Wiseman is an institution who is(...)

(...) film is about character, style and atmosphere. It’s properly funny. It’s occasionally sad. It features(...)

Leaving the Factory, 2009) and doom-metal master Lichens (aka Robert AA Lowe). In theory, the film forms(...)

(...) drama that looks prettier than a Hovis commercial. Good for themUnfortunately, the film is hard to(...)