The dog's body: Francesco Clerici's Hand Gestures (Il gesto delle mani)

(...) (International Federation of Film Critics) prize at the Berlin International Film Festival, Francesco Clerici(...)

(...) did, nonetheless, enjoy every minute of Being AP, mostly because of the dry, dour wit of the film(...)

There seems no happy balance in writing about sex. The prose is either too clinical (medical terms for body parts) or too archly poetic. Photograph: Getty Images

(...) something in this creaky argument. Which brings us to the Bad Sex Award. Since 1993, the Literary Review has(...)

(...), essays, film scripts and unpublished fiction – that cry out for a second elephant, but it would be(...)

Karl Glusman and Aomi Muyock in Gaspar Noé’s “Love”

(...) camera lurches of Irreversible and Seul Contre Tous. The delicious pretensions of Enter the Void – a film(...)

In the opening act of this enjoyable, internally conflicted documentary on a film nobody much(...)

(...) review is not a pleasant experience. The occasions on which film-makers have taken my reviews badly (in(...)

Jennifer Lopez terrorised by an initially enticing young neighbour in The Boy Next Door. That film had the(...)

The high road: Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette in Tony Scott's True Romance (1993)

(...) in Clarence (Christian Slater), True Romance’s accidental hero. But in other respects the film offers(...)

Poet Julieann Campbell published her first solo collection, Milk Teeth, with Guildhall Press this year, and cites the enthusiastic literary scene in her home town of Derry as one of her key motivations

Ireland when it was made into a film. “The film company had advertised in Belfast for extras, and all(...)