Richard Linklater’s film Boyhood this is a hymn to human life. And, like life, one can only marvel at its(...)

(...) war project together. It is a soundtrack because they’ve made a film about Octagon House, an(...)

(...) recent wicked stepmother in Cinderella. There’s a point to this, of course. As the film progresses it(...)

This is not the first film in which Tom Hanks has stood in for The Good America, but it(...)

(...) structural flaws: Arlo, the film’s young hero, is a likeable creation but he needs far fewer lines; he(...)

Sir, – In reference to some of the correspondence regarding Diarmaid Ferriter’s review of Tim Pat(...)

A video claiming to have been issued by the Islamic State group has included Ireland as part of “a coalition of devils” that has formed against it, before threatening to “burn” its enemies.

(...). The authenticity of the video – which models itself on a Hollywood film trailer – cannot be vouched(...)

Johnny Depp as James ’Whitey’ Bulger in Black Mass, “a very convincing Southie psychopath”

Scorsese film of the year (always an overcrowded genre). Indeed, William Monahan drew on the Bulger story(...)

The dog's body: Francesco Clerici's Hand Gestures (Il gesto delle mani)

(...) (International Federation of Film Critics) prize at the Berlin International Film Festival, Francesco Clerici(...)

(...) did, nonetheless, enjoy every minute of Being AP, mostly because of the dry, dour wit of the film(...)